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Minutes – March 6, 2017

Members Present:  Koko Smith, Laurie Webster, Amy Welden, Tulli Kerstetter, Silvia Fleitz.

I.     Call to Order  7:10 p.m.

II.   Minutes of previous meeting read and accepted as read.

Membership report:

III. Proxy Votes — none.

IV. Correspondence — none.

V.   Financial report.

Laurie revised her December report again to reflect $5251.76 balance. $6595..32 total for Jan-Feb. report.  Expenses = $1300.  Deposits = 2643.56.  Biggest deposit of $1177.65 was from bake sale ($499.15),  memberships ($340), book purchases from a new fellow who lives in Durango and does online book sales ($238).

Motion made, seconded, passed to approved financial report.

VI. Librarian’s report.  None (Lee absent).

VII.        Old Business

a.   Englehart cards — need more packets.  Koko will check to see how many packets are left and get some more packets over to ABC. Koko stated there was an  Engelhart display at Durango Art Center of women portraits running currently until the first week of April.

b.   Book storage update — no report (Lee absent).

c.   Debrief Feb. Bake Sale —  Shorter hours and fewer baked items seem to account for the fact that Friends didn’t make as much as in prior sales.

Amy’s report on membership drive during Bake Sale:  3 new members.  There are 115 names on an old list, but among those, only about 55 members are current.  Silvia bulk-emailed about member dues but Koko suggested another bulk email reminding folks of the April book sale and member dues.  Also, at the time of the members-only book pre-sale on April 1, maybe we can gain more renewals.  Laurie had 18 renewals during the bake sale.  Amy also brought up T-shirts as fundraiser to identify Friends as Friends.  Maybe buttons (“Ask Me About being a Friend”).  Tulli will make these buttons to keep with bake sale and book sale items to identify Friends as workers and solicit new members.

d.   Tulli’s update on bearproof trash can search online:  Will wait until Lee returns to decide which model the library will prefer.

VIII.      New Business

a.   Donor Bench plaque — Silvia hasn’t gotten updates yet.

b.   Spring book sale (April 1).  April 1 is a Saturday.  Dana and Silvia will do flyers and advertising, Laurie cash box, Silvia signup sheet for volunteers.  Members only pre-sale will start at 9 (9-10) before the sale.  Setup on Friday from 1-5; 10-3 main sale; 3-5 teardown.  Koko will talk to ABC about buying/donating some baked goods for the members-only pre-sale.  Friends authorized up to $50 for coffee and baked goods.

c.   Mancos Cowboy Half Marathon (FOL tasks / donations).  Koko donated $100 to be in the marathon 5K last year and will do another donation  for herself and J.C. this year.

d.   Mancos Days Chamber pamphlet ad for our book sale on the same day (Anne Benson as contact) — Friends will address this next month.

e.   For future business:  two nights for Jersey Jim.  Auction needs to be set up at a future meeting.

IX. Adjourn at 8:03 p.m.

Next meeting: April 3,  2017

Minutes – January 9, 2017

Members Present: Koko Smith, Lee Hallberg, Dana Petersen, Tulli Kerstetter, Laurie Webster

I.   Call to Order:  7:08 p.m.

II.   Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

IV.   Proxy Votes–none

V.    Correspondence

Laurie stated that a letter from the Mancos Vote Yes Committe was received announcing that the Committee was sending back to Friends the remainder of funds appropriated to them for the mill levy vote, which amounts to $1154.70.  This amount will show up on next month’s financial statement.

VI.   Financial report (revised)

Balances for December 2016: $256.83 in savings and $5498.43 in checking, for a total of $5755.26.  Specific deposits and withdrawals are listed on Laurie’s Revised December 2016 statement.  Purchase of the donor picnic table was made on the Friends credit card.

The revised financial statement was approved via email in the week following our monthly meeting. View the report.

VII   Librarian’s report

Lee reported that money from passage of the mill levy will start rolling in this year (8 mills instead of 6 mills).  Problems with the heating system for the library are getting solved (a CO² sensor has not been functioning properly).  Planning for the 2017 Mancos Cowboy Half Marathon is well underway, and the library will be asking for funds from Friends to help with food and soliciting donations from some businesses.  Friends now has a good idea of what is required of them to man the food tent for the runners.

Celeste’s landscaping charges of $1200 will be presented to Friends for payment.  The donor picnic table was delivered and is now being stored with Tulli.  Lee asks that no more book donations be accepted until before the next book sale, as there are no more places to store them. Barbara Rousseau has joined the team as the new trainee through the Senior Employment Program, and Shari Dunn has several adult programs coming up.

Even though the library will be receiving more funds due to the mill levy increase, there will still be a need for the annual fundraising at the end of the year and the membership drive, both of which weren’t done this year because of the mill levy (may need to be addressed on the next agenda).

VIII    Old Business

Engelhart cards — no update.  Laurie said they are displayed at Absolute Bakery in a good visual location.

IX.    New Business

a. February bake sale (Feb. 14  is a Tuesday.) — Friends agreed to keep the Valentine’s date and the actual sale to be held from 10-4, with setup from 8-10; pricing on Monday evening of baked goods.  Silvia has the flyers and call list.

b. book storage — Lee is still checking places out.

c. donor bench update — picnic table to be installed in the spring

X.   Adjourned at 7:45.

Next meeting: Feb.6, 2017

Minutes – December 5, 2016

Members Present:  Amy Welden, Koko Smith, Lee Hallberg, Laurie Webster, Dana Petersen, Tulli Kerstetter

I.     Call to Order at 7:04 p.m.

II.    Minutes of previous meeting summarized by KoKo.  Motion to accept the minutes was seconded and all approved.

III.  Proxy Votes regarding the donor table purchase were unanimous.  See update under new business below.

IV.    Correspondence:  None

V.   Financial report

October and November reimbursements to Dana and Silvia were made as noted on the report.  $1000 to the Vote Yes for MPL Committee.  Amazon Smile autodeposit of $12.86.  Card sales of $12, book sales of $48.  $5718.98 in checking; savings $256.80.  Total $5975.78.    Paypal routing nos. may not be going through (to Dolores State Bank) for Engelhart prints via Paypal online ($306.24 not received).  Motion to accept report was made, seconded and approved. View the report.

VI.    Librarian’s report

The Vote Yes for MPL Committee may be returning some of the $1000 given to it by Friends.  However, the cost of producing the TABOR notices for the mill levy campaign of $737.85 was requested by Lee for Friends to reimburse.  (See report).  The motion was made to approve reimbursing the library $737.85 for TABOR notice costs, which was seconded and approved.

With regard to landscaping, Lee stated that the LDS youth group made the best effort at cleaning up the yard around the library.  Use of the drip system will require maintenance if the library decides to use it, but overhead water may be enough since plants are established.  The Strutherses are willing to help pay for professional landscapers and will make a suggestion to Lee of a suitable professional landscaper.


VII    Old Business

a. Appreciation for the Christmas party sponsored by the library on December 2nd was voiced by all.

b.  Engelhart cards:  Koko will check on any sales at Absolute Bakery.

VIII.    New Business

a. Book sale Dec. 17 (Sat.)

Setup will take place in the main library on Friday the 16th at 3; only a couple tables and the current book shelves will be used.  The sale will operate from 10-3 during library hours on Saturday.  Silvia will make a signup sheet for volunteers to set up, man the actual sale, and for teardown.

b. Book storage update

Not in bad shape for needing storage for books.  May get some storage in Fahrenheit building.  See the Librarian’s Report.

c. Donor bench update

Since the table will need to be put together, and it is now winter, the Friends agreed to purchase it now to avoid any increase in price later, and store it til spring when it can be put together.  Tulli volunteered one of her sheds for winter storage.  Lee will purchase it through the library to get a donation from Amazon Smile and Friends will reimburse later.  The table agreed upon is six feet long, picnic-style, wire mesh, in green.  Purchase price of $600 includes shipping.

IX. Adjourn at 7:43 p.m.

Next meeting: Jan. 2, 2017

Minutes – November 14, 2016

In Attendance:  Koko (Carolyn) Smith, Silvia Fleitz, Amy Welden, Dana Petersen,  Anne Benson, Tulli Kerstetter.

I. Call to Order at 7:08 PM.

II. Minutes of the previous meeting of October 3 were summarized by Koko and approved.

III.  Proxy votes:  None.

IV. Election results‪. What happens next‪. Joint celebration with Christmas party plans‪.

The vote to increase the mill levy to support the library (Vote Yes) won approval by 65.7%.  A separate party to celebrate was considered but thought best to be joined with a Christmas celebration to be held on Friday, December 2nd, starting at 5:30.  Lee will coordinate the event with staff and approach Friends for a donation.

V. Correspondence: None.

VI. Financial report: Laurie was away and will present the report for this month together with next month’s report at the December meeting.

VII.  Librarian’s report:  Due to a sudden family illness, Lee did not present a report.

VIII.  Old Business:

  1. Landscaping new volunteer day.    LDS church kids did some work for the library both inside and out.
  2. Engelhart cards. Koko stated there had apparently been the sale of one set at the Bakery but since the cafe was closed, she was not able to retrieve the funds.  Dana added that two book bags had been sold for $6, plus some books.
  3. Donation box: Laurie will check the box when she returns to Mancos.
  4. Donor bench (actually donor table): Tulli brought in more possibilities for tables found online.  All were priced, with shipping,  from $630 to almost $900.   The consensus of the Friends was that the heavier gauge ADA table from Amazon was first choice — and the least expensive.  The recommendation will be given to Lee for his input.  Lee will then request purchase funds from the Friends.

IX. New Business

Holiday book sale?  Maybe 10th?  Maybe 17th combined with Craft Day?  Dana reported to Friends that there is to be a Library holiday craft day on Dec. 17 in the Community room from 10-3, along with pie-making at the Community Center.  She also reported that the Lions Club was not having a Christmas bazaar.  After discussion, Friends agreed to do a limited book sale on the 17th in coordination with the craft day activities.  Further discussion and logistics will take place at the December 5th meeting

X. Adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

Next meeting:  Dec 5th

Minutes – September 12, 2016

(as submitted)

Members Present: Silvia Fleitz, Tulli Kerstetter, Lee Hallberg, Amy Welden,  Carolyn Smith, Laurie Webster

I.     Call to Order: at 7:08pm by Carolyn.

II.    Minutes of previous meeting: approved as read.

III.   Proxie Votes: none.

IV.    Correspondence: Laurie received a letter from the Vote Yes Committee for the Friends donation to their cause. We have donated $2200 so far.

V.     Financial report: presented by Laurie.Total balance all accounts is $7001.53. Approved as read.

VI.    Librarian’s report: Presented by Lee. See full report here. Planning has begun for the 2017 Mancos Half Marathon. The Vote Yes! Committee for the Mill Levy needs volunteers. Contact Julia Whelihan at or (970)533-7002 to sign up. The first opportunity is tomorrow night at 7:00 pm, they will be calling voters.

VII.    Old Business
A.    Landscaping News: it was discussed that we need more notice for seeking volunteers to participate in work days. Celeste will try to get one more in before winter. For the picnic donor table, Lee is considering ordering a metal table that has a plastic coating on it, dark green. There are local people who can make the donor plaque. The general consensus that was around $800 dollars could be spent on this.
B.    Englehart cards: Carolyn has noticed that our card sale basket has disappeared from the Absolute Bakery. With the money that came in we are assuming that we sold out what was there. Tulli will restock some cards at the Absolute Bakery. Laurie reported that the Edge of the Cedars Museum in Blanding, Utah, has had staff change over so this is not a good time to try to get the cards in their gift shop.
C.    Donation Money Box: Dana Petersen is reformatting the design for the manufacturer as they requested. It will be bolted to the circulation desk or a wall to prevent theft.

VIII.    New Business
A.    Updates on the Say Yes levy project: as mentioned above, volunteers are needed for the calling of voters and also for door to door campaigning, yard sign distribution, and mailing TABOR notices.
B.     Book storage / sorting brainstorm session: Lee reports that we have so many donations that Jana, our one volunteer, can’t keep up with them and the boxes are taking up the entire staff room. 9 boxes per week can be sent out through the courier. Carolyn suggested contacting Victoria Petersen r.e. possibly using the now defunct Episcopal Church. Another suggestion was the empty hardware store. Also the Mancos schools was brought up as a place that might have a space for sorting/storage. Tulli may also be able to spare some temporary space in her shed. Silvia brought up that we used to have a schedule for book sorting with at least 6 volunteers on it and maybe this could be reinstituted.
e. Annual Appeal 2016: will wait for the outcome of the Mill Levy vote. If the Mill Levy passes we may forgo an end of year 2016 appeal. If it doesn’t pass the library will immediately start working on an appeal after the election.
f. Art wall: Lee reports that staff is wondering about the Friends taking on managing the art wall above our book sale shelf. The general consensus was that the Friends have too many volunteer projects to work on already.
g. Lee requested $63.33 to cover the cost of book prizes for the summer reading program. A motion was made, seconded, and approved.

IX. Adjourn: at 8:15pm.    Next meeting: Oct. 3, 2016 at 7pm at the library.

Minutes – August 1, 2016

(as submitted)

Members Present: Silvia Fleitz, Amy Welden, Tulli Kerstetter, Carolyn Smith, Laurie Webster, Dana Petersen

I.  Call to Order: at 7:08 pm

II. Minutes of previous meeting: corrected minutes were approved.

III. Proxy Votes: none

IV. Correspondence: The Executive Committee voted by email to approve spending $40 for Moose and More ice cream for the Friends Ice Cream Social on 7-28-16.

V.  Financial report: presented by Laurie. See full report here. Total balance all accounts is $6061.46. The report was approved as presented. View the report.

VI.  Librarian’s report: Dana reports that Lee is working on filling the open staff positions.  Lee Hallberg was presenting to the Mancos school board this evening about the mil levy ballot issue to seek their support. View the report

VII. Old Business

A.   Mancos Days Book Sale: $734.66 in books and memberships. It should also be noted that the Mancos Library Book Cart Drill Team won the non-profit category which garnered a $150 prize for the library! The team was comprised of library staff and Friends members.

B.   Englehart sales: Laurie reported that her connection at the Edge of the Cedars Museum has moved on to another job. She will make an attempt to connect with the new person. Carolyn will check in with the Absolute Bakery regarding sales there.

C.   The picnic table/bench project and Friends donation box were tabled.

VIII. New Business

A.  Landscaping news: Dana reports that our landscaper is planning to work with card board and mulch to try to decrease the bind weed.

B.  Say Yes mil levy committee: Tulli will suggest to the committee that they do a post card for a mailer that is succinct. The Friends will be asked to participate in door to door campaigning.

C.  Mancos Valley Balloon Festival: it was generally decided that the Friends will not have a booth this year due to not enough of our main volunteers will be here that weekend (Sept.23-25) and would prefer to lend the support of our volunteers to the Say Yes committee at that time.

D.  Amy reviewed with us the new membership forms and how to fill them out. There was discussion regarding lapsed memberships going back to 2006. We will move them (last renewed 2006-2010) to a separate file and consider doing call lists to reach out to them.

E.  Amy brought up having a way to identify Friends when participating in events such as a button or T-shirt. Tulli stated she could easily make buttons and has done this before. She will check with Lee to see if any of those are remaining. It was decided that the Friends will investigate providing the library with Mancos Public Library T-Shirts and possibly Hoodies to sell. Dana reported that there was some interest in the Aspen Leaf design from patrons. Laurie suggested getting higher end book bags/totes made of canvas. She also pointed out that Brad and Maggie Goodell are doing this type of work, Laurie will ask them about doing some products for us.

IX. Adjourn: at 8:07 pm. Next meeting: Sept. 12, 2016 at 7pm at the library. All are welcome!

Minutes – July 11, 2016

(as submitted)

Members Present: Tulli Kerstetter, Dana Petersen, Eckhart Stuart, Anne Benson, Amy Welden, Silvia Fleitz

I. Call to Order: at 7:08pm by Tulli 1st Vice President as Carolyn Smith President was not available.

II. Minutes of previous meeting: approved as read.

III. Proxie Votes: None.

IV. Correspondence: none.

V. Financial report: none. Laurie Webster, treasurer, not present.

VI. Librarian’s report: from Lee Hallberg, presented by Dana. There are several job openings at the library. Lee sent two designs for us to choose from for our new donation box that he is in the process of ordering. See full report here.

VII. Old Business

A. Follow up from the Half Marathon event including suggestions sent for future races: Dana reports the library grossed about $7,000. Thank you notes have been sent to all who donated to the event1596212 . We would like to have a greener event with recycling which the Friends could manage along with the food booth. We would like to have signs at our booth showing that we were the sponsor of the booth and acknowledging all the businesses that donated food. Any other ideas to improve the event, please send them to Dana.

B. Stanton Englehart: sales and location update. We will look to Laurie to update us on possibly selling cards at the Edge of the Cedar Museum5812481 in Blanding, UT at our next meeting.

C. Library Book Bags: 130 of these were given away during the marathon. We discussed having Dana saving the remaining ones for the next marathon rather than ochcontinuing to try to sell them as we generally sell less than one per month.

D. donor bench/ table/ wall plaque: tabled again.

VIII. New Business

A. Mancos Days Book Sale: Silvia will put a sign12481up sheet in the library and send out bulk emails for volunteers. She will also do flyers and PSA. Silvia will contact Moose and More about giving us a discount on ice cream again for our Friends Only event. The schedule for the sale will be:

  • Thurs 7/28 9am-1pm set up book sale, 5:30pm set up Ice cream social, 6-8pm Friends Only Event and Ice Cream Social.
  • Fri 7/29 Book sale 10am-5pm
  • Sat 7/30 Book Sale 11am-3pm, tear down 3-5pm.

B. Landscaping news: the suggestion was made to advertise for volunteers to help with weeding and perhaps have a yard work day again.

C. Updates on Mil levy business: none.

IX. Adjourn at 8:01pm. Next meeting: August 1, 2016 at 7pm at the library. We will start planning for the Mancos Balloon Festival. All are welcome!

Minutes – June 6, 2016

(as submitted)

Members Present: Carolyn Smith, Tulli Kerstetter, Amy Welden, Laurie Webster, Shari Dunn, Silvia Fleitz

I.    Call to Order: by Carolyn at 7:03 pm.

II.     Minutes of previous meeting: approved as read.

III.    Proxy Votes: none

IV.    Correspondence: none

V.    Financial report: presented by Laurie. Total balance all accounts is $5,586.13. See full report here. Approved as read.

VI.   Librarian’s report: read by Amy as submitted by Lee. There are several part time job openings at the library. See full report here.

VII.   Old Business

A. Stanton Englehart: sales and location update: sales have picked up. Laurie reports that we bought 250 8 packs for $1140. $4.56 per 8 pack was our cost. She also reports that the Edge of the Cedars Museum is interested in selling the cards. Laurie will see if they would be willing to purchase 50 packs for $10 apiece. We also need to assess how many packs we have left. Tulli would be willing to deliver them to Blanding, UT.

B. Library Book Bags: we sold one!

C. donor bench/ table/ wall plaque: will table this again.

VIII. New Business

A.  Half Marathon updates on volunteer jobs, sponsors, sign-ups: Dana provided a list of places for us to go to for donations: Tulli-Zuma Foods, Carolyn-Dolores Food Market, Amy-Absolute Bakery, Shari-Family Dollar Store. All will report what donations they are able to procure to Dana and Shaine at the library.

B. Landscaping news: nothing new.

C. updates on Mil levy business: none.

D. Jersey Jim auction update: we sold the night in our online auction for $155. Good job everybody!

E.  Amy Welden – changes in recording of membership. She wants to add a box to indicate new or renewing member. She will talk to Lee about getting this onto the form.

IX. Adjourn: Next meeting: July 11, 2016 at 7:00 pm at the library. All are welcome!

Minutes – May 2, 2016

(as submitted)

Members Present: Silvia Fleitz, Tulli Kerstetter, Amy Welden, Lee Hallberg, Laurie Webster, Carolyn Smith, Julia Whelihan

I.  Call to Order: by Carolyn at 7:10 pm.

II.  Minutes of previous meeting: approved as read.

III.  Proxy Votes: none

IV.  Correspondence: none

V. Financial report: presented by Laurie. Our 2015 taxes are done and we did not owe anything.Total balance all accounts is $7224.55. Approved as read. See full report here.

VI. Librarian’s report: presented by Lee. Landscaping cleanup was done. Mancos Half Marathon planning is going very well, encourage people to register to run! The first draft of the Mill Levy statement is complete. See full report here.

VII.  Old Business

A. Stanton Englehart sales and location update: Karen Blaine from Absolute Bakery spoke with Lee about a package of cards appearing like it had lines through the printing. It is actually the way the original painting was done. This package was swapped out and the cards have been moved back to the front of the bakery for sale. Laurie will be going to the Edge of the Cedars Museum gift shop to see if they will consider selling the cards. Carolyn will look into displaying the cards more prominently in the library.

B. Library Book Bags: a few have sold.

C. donor bench/ table/ wall plaque: tabled. We hope to have this done by the end of the summer.

D. snow removal plan: let it melt. Can’t drop this quite yet.

E. PayPal account name wrap up: Dana not present to confirm this.

VIII.      New Business

A.  Half Marathon updates on volunteer jobs, sponsors, signups: we will finalize our role at the June meeting.

B.  Landscaping news: a cleanup was held but did have much of a volunteer turnout.

C.  Updates on Mill levy business/ new request: Julia was present representing Vote Yes for Mancos Public Library PAC for the upcoming Mil Levee request. She is requesting $2000 for obtaining voting records in the county, to develop a website, and for advertising materials to hand out at local events. A motion was made to provide $2000 for the above request by Silvia, seconded by Amy. There was a discussion of how this would fit into our budget and tax structure. The motion passed.

D.  Jersey Jim auction update: Silvia and Dana will work on advertising this week.

E.   Donation Box: our small donation box was stolen from the circulation desk. Silvia made a motion for Lee to research and spend up to $50 for a new donation box. Laurie seconded. Discussion was that we would still like to have a clear box and larger than the last one. Motion passed.

IX. Adjournment: at 8:15 pm.  Next meeting will June 6, 2016