Minutes – April 8, 2013

(as submitted)

April 8, 2013

Members Present: Linda Bellush, Bob Seney, Lee Hallberg, Silvia Fleitz, Ben Wolcott

I. Call to order: by Linda

II. Proxies: None

III. Minutes of previous meeting: approved as read.

IV. Correspondence: An email vote was taken on a request by Lee Hallberg for the Friends to pay up to $255 for a load of rock for landscaping a drainage ditch by the library. The motion was passed and the money was approved as Laurie said there were funds available still from our previous landscaping fundraiser.

V. Financial report: Laurie Webster is out of town and emailed to Linda Bellush to present. Total balance in accounts is $7973.04. Laurie has also done our taxes and will report on this at the next meeting.

VI. Librarian’s report: see below.

VII. Old Business

VIII. New Business

a. Stanton Englehart cards for AHC exhibit May 11-Nov 2: motion was made and approved to go ahead and purchase for approximately $1100 for 2000 cards. We will consider packaging in 8 packs rather than 12 packs and renegotiating a purchase price for the Anazazi Heritage Center gift shop as they turned down our previous offer of $9 for a 12 pack. They are still wanting to purchase Englehart posters for $9 each.

b. Friend Only High tea on April 26 final plans: Bob distributed a menu and volunteers will be gathered to make scones, finger sandwiches and serve the tea. Silvia will do PR.

c. Spring Book sale April 27: Silvia has reserved the meeting room and will have Gwen post signup sheets for volunteers.

d. Jersey Jim silent auction: The nights are Aug. 9th and 10th. Silvia will call Dana Petersen about setting up an online auction for end of May.

e. Day lily plant sale: Holly Cruiser will once again benefit the Friends with this fundraiser on July 13th. Details forthcoming.

f. Mancos Days book sale: Friends Only presale event on Thurs July 27th, book sale open to the public on Fri 7/28 and Sat 7/29. The meeting room has been reserved. Be thinking of ideas for the Friends Only event.

g. Lee Hallberg requested $60 for the summer reading program as a match to a $250 grant from Colorado State Library. A motion was made and approved.

IX. Miscellaneous Business: Linda wants to revamp book donations to involve appointment times and on call for volunteers rather than open hours.

X. Next meeting: Monday May 6th at 7 pm at the library.

Librarian’s Report – 4/8/13 

Spring bulbs are blooming!

Bill Henley has been graciously donating his time to complete the drainage ditch on the north end of the building, lining it & filling with cobble – it looks great.

Community service volunteer has been helping to clean up landscaping for spring – dead-headed most plants & cleaned up around the flagpole.

Staff turnover – both Julia & Midge have left to seek other opportunities, and as a result we have had the opportunity to look closer at needs.  Many staff members took on more hours & responsibilities, will be hiring a part-time Development & Programming Manager to manage in-house programs and fundraising.  In meantime, adult programs are in limbo.

3 staff members (Kate, Kathy & I) received scholarships to attend the CLiC Spring Workshops in Grand Junction on March 4 & 5.

Fundraising committee has has identified 4 potential grant opportunities to actively pursue for this year to support Outreach (LSTA), Young Adult programs (Margaret Alexander Edwards Trust), Youth / Afterschool programming (Daniels Fund or Winifred Johnson Clive Fdn.), and Adult Ed. (Daniels Fund).  Also pursuing smaller grants to help support materials & tech budgets.  May be asking Friends to host some of these applications.

Classical violinist Ryan Brown will host a fundraiser for the library on July 6, considering coupling with a silent auction.

Patsy was awarded a $2500 donation to the charity of her choice during a conference for Kenny’s weed abatement business, chose the Mancos Public Library as the recipient.

Due to recent partnerships with Companeros, have identified an ESL Certified volunteer who will begin teaching weekly ESL classes at the library starting this Friday.

Children’s programs continue to grow – week of spring break was very quiet!

Nooks are available for checkout if anyone would like to test drive one – preloaded titles.