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Valentine’s Day Recipes

The Mancos Friends of the Library invites you to bake up a batch of love with this year’s offering of our favorite Bake Sale recipes. With the pandemic still wreaking havoc this Valentine’s Day, we’re foregoing the annual in-person bake sale and membership drive and going virtual.
And since this is also our membership drive, we’re hoping that those of you who aren’t yet members of the Mancos Friends of the Library will decide that this is the year to join. And those of you who may have let your membership lapse will renew your enthusiastic support of the Mancos Public Library.
Download the membership form here
Also, please consider adding a Friends ball cap to your Valentine’s Day shopping list. What better gift for a loved one than a hat? 

Various colors are available. $20 each.
Call the library at 533-7600 to order and set time for pick up.

Contact Anne at if you have
questions about your membership status or about the Friends.

Mancos Friends of the Library is a non-profit, all-volunteer
organization whose sole purpose is to support the Mancos Public Library.

And here are the Recipes:

Speedy Oven Fudge


GF Heart’s Desire Granola

Date Pinwheel Cookies

Blueberry Gingerbread

Lebkuchen (German Spice Cake)

Scratch Chocolate Chip Brownies

Minutes – Nov. 9, 2020

Covid-19 Pandemic Meeting – Virtual, via Zoom –  1 pm

(as submitted)

Members present: Lee Halberg, Tulli Kerstetter, Amy Weldon, Miriam Dunbar, Anne Benson, Koko (Carolyn) Smith, Laurie Webster

1. Call to order at 1:02 p.m.

2. Minutes from September meeting – approved as emailed.

3. Guest requests – none

4. Proxy/e-mail votes – none

5. Correspondence – none

6. Financial report – Anne began to summarize the report in Laurie’s absence when she discovered a mistake. After Laurie’s arrival, the mistake was pointed out to her and she corrected the mistake ($1000 deposit instead of $1000 withdrawal). Formal approval of this report will be made at the next Friends’ meeting in January of 2021.

7. Librarian’s report – (verbal report only). Lee is working on the annual appeal email list, as well as finalizing grants and grant reports. The Library Board met two weeks ago and decided that the library should continue to remain closed especially due to the recent increase in Covid-19 cases in the county. The outdoor heaters that were ordered need to be sent back because they were 220v instead of 110v. In addition, there will be insulated tarps put up around the porch area. Lee also reported that the library as local polling station was rather quiet all day November 3
Lee requested funds from Friends for the annual year-end fundraiser letter. The appeals letter goes out to about 1800 prospective donors, with about a 10% response. The donations usually amount to around $10,000. The cost will be around $2500 and will include an annual letter from Friends on different colored paper. Anne and Amy agreed to update the Friends letter. Amy moved to give the library up to $2500 for this year’s mailing, which was seconded by Miriam. All approved. Lee will forward the invoice from Brand Central to Laurie to pay by MFOL credit card.

8. Old business – none

10. New business

Review Bylaws. The duties listed for each of the executive committee officers at present in the Bylaws seem to be at odds with which people are doing the duties. Anne will look over the current Bylaws and bring her suggestions to the next meeting in January.
Silvia would like the meetings to be later in the day or at the usual time of 7 p.m. Lee would like it still in afternoon – say around 4 p.m. All agreed to set the next meeting for 4 p.m.
Meeting adjourned at 1:27 p.m.

Next meeting: January 4, 2021, at 4 pm on Zoom.