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Minutes – May 3, 2022

(as submitted)

Library Conference Room
4 pm

Members present: Anne Benson, Ann Coker, Miriam Dunlap, Cathy Seibert, Tulli Kerstetter, Jared Boudreaux, Laurie Webster, Ilga Vise, Earlene Swann (new to the neighborhood)

1. Call to order at 4 pm.

2. Minutes from April meeting approved as emailed – Miriam moved to approve the minutes (with amended typos); seconded by Cathy. All approved

3. Guest requests. Earlene Swann joined Friends for this meeting (and hopefully future meetings).

4. Proxy/e-mail votes – none

5. Correspondence – none

6. Financial report. – Laurie reported a deposit of $343.20 from: memberships ($260), Englehart poster sale ($20), in-library book sales ($16.70), and donation box funds ($46.50). Because some of this information was not on the report, Laurie will email an update. Savings account balance is $4225.11, with $4521.72 in checking, for a total of $8746.83. Miriam moved to approve the amended report, and Tulli seconded. All approved.
Laurie presented a couple other reports as follows (see both for details): MFOL Income and Expenses 2019-2021 (specifically for Heidi Trainor) and a listing of all the donations Friends made to the library for 2021 (although the report shows these for 2022). Laurie noted that memberships/donations for 2021 were considerably higher in 2021 over 2020 and 2019, and book sales were a bit higher than for 2019 and much higher than 2020, probably due to Covid. There was no bake sale in 2021 due to Covid but the donations/memberships made up for any loss of revenue therefrom. Friends made substantial contributions to the library in 2021 over the preceding two years, as shown on the Donations listing alluded to above.
Tulli asked about the virtual bake sale (no actual bake sale due to Covid) this year – were any donations received. Both Anne and Laurie were unsure about this, as any donations in February were listed by Laurie simply as donations and not segregated.

7. Library Director’s report – (see report for details). Jared reported that the library’s collaboration with Early Learning Center’s Touch A Truck event had 143 attendees. He has also met with the school superintendent to coordinate operations for students vis-a-vis the library, and to set up a book drop on school grounds, and class visit days. The intent is to get all older kids a library card. Updating is planned for May and June to the teen area and children’s room with new furniture and computer desks, and separating very young children from older kids. Jared has met with both Cortez and Dolores library directors in order to facilitate collaboration on projects, such as a documentary night for all patrons, to be hosted by the libraries.
The library is currently in the process of getting a new camera system with more cameras for better security, and a better speaker and camera system for the community room (Owl system).
Jared notified Friends that there is a publishing company that is printing free coffee-table type art books for libraries. Does Friends want to do something with these books? Jared so far has 15.
In technology matters, Ryan has donated a 3D printer to the library. When fully set up, the library hopes to print out replacement covers for the floor plugs in the community room, which would cost pennies rather than close to $100 apiece. Patrons could also use the printer but would have to pay for the filament used to create a product. Ryan will instruct potential users on how to use the computer that connects with the printer. Ryan also hopes to create a 3D model of Mancos for the visitor center. He has made up a list of everything he would need for the printer (see List of Materials for details, attached). Base essentials would cost $360, and a full list including a storage cabinet, filament, and a designing program, among many other items, would total $1649. (3D printer materials and costs list) Jared asked whether Friends would be willing to finance some or all of this project. Miriam moved for Friends to give the library the total request of $1649, and Laurie seconded. All approved.

8. Book Maven report – Miriam. Miriam explained to Earlene how the books are obtained by Friends for book sales. The Zircon is getting full for the next book sale. During the past week, someone donated old children’s school textbooks, many in poor shape. The better ones Miriam set out in the lobby for a modest price. All are now gone and she hoped that someone bought the whole box.

9. Old business

Deck chairs invoice – In response to Silvia’s question at a prior meeting about whether Friends needed to pay sales tax, Anne researched the invoice and agreed that Friends unnecessarily paid an extra $203 in sales tax and $78 for a noncash fee. Although regretted, there is really no way, at this point in time, to get any funds back.

Hats – Tulli agreed to order new hats as only eight are left. She will order two sets of five hats of different colors. She has been donating the cost of the hats, and is willing to continue to do so, but MFOL must pay for the logo embroidery.

10. New business – none.
Anne asked Earlene about her recent move to Mancos in October.
Jared said programs are up and running, including the summer reading program, after being on hold due to Covid.

11. Adjourn at 5 pm.

Next meeting: June 7, 2022 – Library Conference Room

Minutes – January 4, 2022

In the library conference room

(As submitted)

In attendance: Laurie Webster, Cathy Seibert, Anne Benson, Tulli Kerstetter, Peggy Littlejohn, Midge Kirk; virtually via Zoom: Koko Smith, Ilsa Vise, Silvia Fleitz

1. Call to order at 4 pm

2. Minutes from November meeting as emailed — Cathy moved to accept the minutes and Anne seconded. All approved

3. Guest requests– None

4. Proxy/e-mail votes – Annual Appeal fundraising letter production request from Lee for $2492 was approved by email (see attached).

5. Correspondence – A thank you note from the library for Friends’ help at Lee’s farewell party was noted.

6. Financial report— A statement which included November and December was presented by Laurie due to lack of a December meeting. Currently there is $4224.55 in savings and $3105.28 in checking, for a total of $8329.83. Several withdrawals occurred: to Anne for Half Marathon reimbursement, shelving for the library shed, charge to Colorado Ski Furniture for 4 deck chairs, and a check to Brand Central for the annual fundraiser Deposits included an Amazon Smile payment, and several donations and memberships. A few donations are still trickling in. Anne moved to accept the financial report and Tulli seconded. All approved.

7. Library Director’s report – Midge let Friends know that she and Bernadette are currently acting as co-interim directors until a new library director is hired. She noted that she is not sure where the four new deck chairs are, and the shelving hasn’t been ordered (see above under Financial report). Lunch for Library Director candidates was then discussed, with Midge passing out a revised schedule of events to take place on the 8th (see below under New business).

8. Old business – none

9. New business

Director candidate interviews and lunch for candidates – Sat., Jan. 8, to be hosted by Friends. All decided that Friends should plan on about 15 people (five Library Board members, three candidates, and five Friends). Tulli volunteered to bring chili; Cathy offered to provide gluten-free mac and cheese, lemonade and brownies; Anne said she would bring a salad; and Laurie will provide corn bread. As there are not enough plates, bowls and cups, Anne volunteered to provide same. The luncheon was planned for 11:45.

Valentine’s Day Bake Sale – Mon. is the 14th. Tabled until next meeting in February. All agreed there are some concerns due to Covid/Omicron variant, which may or may not have decreased in transmission by next month.

Request for meeting hour for February, March, and April:
Lisa Taylor – Teen Poetry Workshop. A discussion ensued as to whether
Friends should meet at a different time during these three months that Lisa requires the
community room at 4 p.m., or whether Friends should just meet at the regular time but
virtually. All agreed to keeping the same hour and same day but meeting remotely.

10. Adjourn at 4:43 p.m.

Next meeting: February 1, 2022 – via zoom.