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Minutes – October 7, 2013

(as submitted)

October 7, 2013

Members Present: Laurie Webster, Dana Petersen, Lee Wilson, Carolyn Smith, Silvia Fleitz, Linda Bellush, Ben Wolcott.

I. Call to order by Linda at 7:08 pm.

II. Proxies: None

III. Minutes of previous meeting: approved as read.

IV. Correspondence: None.

V. Financial report: presented by Laurie. The total balance in our accounts is $4898.77. Approved as read. View the report

VI. Librarian’s report: none.

VII. Recent Projects Summary

a. Stanton Englehart cards sales at AHC are temporarily on hold due to government shut down. The Englehart exhibit “Arches” was supposed to run until Nov. 3rd.

b. Harvest Festival Sept. 22nd and dinner at Olio’s: In spite of the rained out Harvest Festival we sold some quilt squares. The quilt got a bit wet but Lee Wilson was able to get it dry. Dinner at Olio’s may still happen has a fundraiser possibly on Oct. 24th.

c. New slate of officers: Bob Seney, President; Lee Wilson, First Vice President ; Dana Petersen, Second Vice President, Laurie Webster, Treasurer; Silvia Fleitz, Secretary. The slate was approved. The bylaws were reviewed as to the duties of officers, and will be updated to reflect changes in the First and Second Vice President offices. We will approve changes at the next meeting.

d. Sculpture to recognize landscaping donors: Silvia will call Marilyn Kroeker to review what size of rock is needed and what type of rock to mount the sculpture on. There were several ideas given to find a rock and how to get it moved to the library.

VIII. New Business

A. Pavement in front of the Zircon: Silvia met with Steve Klumker today to get an idea of the cost. He said a ballpark figure would be $1500, about twice that if we want to put in a ramp that a handcart could go up. Dana suggested using square pavers and install them ourselves if the cost is too high. We will look at all available options.

B. Grand Piano for the Library: Carolyn proposed that the Friends consider fundraising to obtain a Chickering Grand Piano that is for sale in town. She says that Lee Hallberg will be asking the library board their opinion on this. It was discussed that the music night went over so well this past July and that we could continue to have music fundraisers and community/cultural events facilitated by having a nice piano in the library. It was also discussed that we will need to prioritize with the library as to what fundraising projects they want us to focus on. We will continue to explore this option.

C. Library Fundraising Mailer: Laurie mentioned that the library will be doing another mailer and that the Friends may be asked to pay the cost as we did last year. It was discussed that our costs were recouped and more with the donations and memberships we received.

IX. Adjourn:  at 8:05 pm.

We all extend our thanks to outgoing President Linda Bellush for her wonderful service. Our next meeting will be Monday Nov. 4th at 7pm at the library.  All are welcome!

Minutes – September 9, 2013

(as submitted)

September 9, 2013

 Members Present: Bob Seney, Laurie Webster, Silvia Fleitz, Lee Hallberg, Linda Bellush, Ben Wolcott.

  1. Call to order: by Linda at 7:14 pm
  2. Proxies: None
  3. Minutes of previous meeting: approved as read.
  4. Correspondence: None
  5. Financial report: presented by Laurie. See attached. Total balance is $4,131.21. A motion was made and passed to present Holly Cruser a $25.00 gift certificate from the Absolute Bakery for her generous help in providing funding from the sale of her day lily stock. The report was then approved as read.
  6. Librarian’s report: presented by Lee. See attached. Volunteers are needed for the upcoming Harvest Heritage Festival as well as a volunteer coordinator. Silvia will be sending out a bulk email to the Friends regarding this. Be looking for community input opportunities to update the Strategic Plan for the library. Also volunteers are needed for re-barcoding any day and for applying rock for landscaping on Friday 9/13 from 7am to 9pm.
  7. Current Projects Summary
    1. Stanton Englehart cards sales at AHC: a check for $648 was received from AHC for merchandise sold so far. Silvia dropped off another 20 8-packs of cards to AHC last week. The remaining balance owed from AHC is $502 or return of merchandise to the Friends. The Englehart exhibit “Arches” runs until the first weekend of Nov.
  8. New Business
    1. New Officers: a potential slate was put forward of the following: President, Bob Seney; First Vice President, Lee Wilson; Second Vice President, Dana Petersen; Secretary, Silvia Fleitz; Treasurer, Laurie Webster. Silvia suggested that the Second Vice President take charge of the membership list as the secretary position is overloaded with making flyers, sending thank you notes, keeping minutes, and bulk email correspondence. Laurie also suggested that the Second Vice President take over sending thank you notes to donors of $100 and up. Another suggestion was having the President or a designated Liason attend the library board meetings to report on the Friend’s activities. Currently Lee Hallberg is doing this. It was suggested that Sandi Gregory be asked to be the liason. The officer’s slate and these changes to the bylaws were tabled until the next meeting pending notification of all of those involved. Silvia will contact Lee Wilson, Dana, and Sandi and then put forth the final slate to the current officers by email. The bylaws will need to be updated to reflect any changes.
    2. Harvest Heritage Festival Sunday Sept 22nd 11am-5pm @Boyle Park: Laurie will see if Gwen will help her coordinate volunteers for the library. They will also try to sell more quilt squares, possibly using a tent topper and bringing the quilt over from the library. VIP Dinner at Olio’s is still in the planning stages, Friends will be notified if help is needed.
    3. Ben reported that he notified Steve Klumker that Silvia will call regarding getting a quote for paving the area in front of the zircon for safety and easier access to the stored books.
  9. Adjourn: at 8:07 pm by Linda. The next meeting will be held on Oct. 7th, 2013 at 7pm at the library. All are welcome!


  • The Harvest Heritage Festival is coming together and on track for 9/22 from 11 – 5.  Volunteers needed to help staff the event, also would like a FOL or 2 to act as volunteer coordinator…
  • “Official” preliminary numbers are in from the County, much better than previous estimates.
  • Process has begun to update Strategic Plan for the library, will be soliciting feedback from the FOL.  Survey will be available at October meeting, Oct. 12 Community Summit w/ Mancos Valley Resources, Oct. 28 Focus group at the library.  More details at next meeting.
  • Re-barcoding project for migration to new ILS is about 1/4 completed, (computer savvy) volunteer help for this project is always needed.
  • Landscaping for north end of the building is moving slowly, rock will be delivered this week.  Next workday – Friday from 7 am to 9 am.
  • Received $3,000 grant from Ballantine for operating revenue, FOL acted as passthrough.  Thank you!
  • 1st “Science Friday” will happen this week with Durango Discovery Museum.
  • Userful computers have been delivered, will be working on install as time allows.
  • All afterschool and storytime programs have resumed after summer break.