Minutes – December 3, 2018

(as submitted) Members present: Wayne Wooley, Kim Campbell, Joan Brindamour, Miriam Dunbar, Silvia Fleitz, Lee Hallberg, Koko Smith, Anne Benson, Laurie Webster, Tulli Kerstetter, Amy Welden.

1. Call to order 7:00 p.m.

2. Minutes from previous meeting — approved as emailed

3. Guest requests — none

4. Proxy/e-mail votes — none

5. Correspondence — none

6. Financial report — The current balance in checking and savings is $8942.16. One deposit from AmazonSmile for $11.40 and one withdrawal for Lego League registration and t-shirts for $330 were the only transactions. Laurie has not yet had time to check on a MM account that was discussed at last month’s meeting, but will report on same at the next meeting in January. The financial statement was approved. (Read report here.)

7. Librarian’s report — (see attached) The year-end fundraiser was mailed at the beginning of last week at a total cost of $1659.87. The First Community Conversation for Strategic Planning held its initial session; Lee reported that it was productive though sparsely attended. The library’s Lego League wound up in 5th place out of 14 at the regionals. More learning activities are being planned for the outdoor classroom structure. Lee also reported that the 2019 budget looks good, with adequate funding for materials, services, and staff salaries. A date of June 22 has already been set for next year’s Half Marathon.

8. Book Store Report. Joan reported that she had made some money for the library by selling some “cemetery” books through her online book-selling organization. Lee added that Matt Winkler, a newcomer, and his wife are also selling books acquired from book donations to the library.

9. Old business —

End-of-year donation/membership letter — see above under Librarian’s Report.
Holiday book sale — Joan did a PSA for the radio about the sale. Dana printed flyers which were for both the holiday-makers and book sale, advertised together. Tulli suggested making the boxes in which the books will be exhibited look a bit more decorative with bows, etc. Anne will send out a bulk email as a reminder that we need some more volunteers to man the sale. Amy will look at acquiring more uniform foldable boxes which would make for more attractive displays in future. Silvia will set out the board signs and also distribute flyers in Cortez.
Storage shed for snowblower and gasoline — Lee feels that a shed 6 x 5 in size would be adequate to house the gasoline-powered equipment and proposed that Friends purchase the Arrow Shed Woodlake from Hayneedle. He reminded the Board that a concrete pad should be established for the shed. The Board agreed to discuss details of this proposal next year.

10. New business
Replacement donor plaque cost & installation location — To be discussed at the next meeting.

11. Adjourn 7:35 p.m.

Next meeting: Jan. 7, 2019