Minutes – December 2, 2019

(as submitted)
Members present: Anne, Amy, Silvia, Tulli, Koko, Laurie

1. Call to order at 7 pm. Silvia questioned whether there was a quorum, thinking there had to be three nonmembers of the board present. Koko found a copy of the By-laws which states that there needs to be five members present, at least three of which are on the Board, to constitute a quorum.

2. Minutes from November meeting — approved as emailed.

3. Guest requests — none

4. Proxy/e-mail votes — none

5. Correspondence — Anne stated she had received another email from Friends of the Durango Library suggesting a get-together in Durango to meet with other Friends groups in our area. Anne will forward Shelly’s latest email to the Board.

6. Financial report — Savings balance is $6258.97; checking is $705.91, for a total of $6964.88 (see report for details). Payments were for the Great Decisions program, Brad Goodell Fine Arts for the (hopefully final) donor plaque, Pioneer Printing for trifold MFOL brochures. The financial report was approved. Laurie stated she would be gone for January and February meetings, but that the only large outstanding payment will be the end-of-year annual mailing.

7. Librarian’s report — No report due to Lee’s absence. The Christmas library party will
be held on the 20th at 5:30.

8. Old business

Aprons/Hats — Tulli presented what she found out about producing hats for Friends (as fundraiser/promotion?) with the library’s aspen logo. David Scates of Brand Central would charge about $16 per hat, with a $40 one-time setup fee. All present decided to defer this issue to the January meeting to allow enough time to really figure out what Friends have in mind for the hats and to pursue some less-expensive options. All agreed that aprons will not be pursued.
Great Decisions donation. Tulli reported to Friends that her conversation with Shari Dunn revealed that the full cost of the course ($332.40) was paid instead of the $150 that the League of Women Voters usually contributes. Both Amy and Tulli were surprised that the program’s attendees would not have to pay for their own booklets, which is normal. Tulli suggested that the program’s attendees should reimburse the library or Friends for the $15 per person cost of those booklets. Laurie, as Treasurer, stated that the Board needs to find out how the library pays for the course and how much it actually costs the library and then decide how best to reimburse all concerned. Tulli will talk with Shari and Lee about this matter and report back at the next Friends meeting.
Trifold. 100 brochures have been printed and look great.
Signs for Friends corner and sale book shelf– Tabled until next meeting.

9. New business. A brief discussion related to meeting earlier than 7 p.m. in the winter due to early darkness was held, and all decided that it would be a bit confusing for anyone new to Friends who wished to attend if the meeting time were changed.

10. Adjourn at 7:50.
Next meeting: January 6, 2020