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Minutes – October 5, 2015

(as submitted)

Friends of the Library Meeting Minutes – October 5, 2015

Present:  Amy Welden, Maddy Williams, Carolyn Smith, Tulli Kerstetter, Laurie Webster.

I.  Call to order by Carolyn ca 7:15 p.m.

II.  Proxies:  none.

III.  Minutes of previous meeting read out by Amy, approved as read.

(Note:  Silvia as Secretary was not at this meeting, so Tulli took notes.)

IV.  Correspondence:  none.

V.  Financial Report presented by Laurie.  Approved as read.  Total all accounts: $8,868.94.  Laurie met with Dolores State Bank personnel and found out that nonprofits have free accounts with their bank, so no more bank fees.  Interest on savings account: $.25. View the report here.

VI. Librarian’s Report: Lee was not able to attend, so Carolyn briefed us on Lee’s presentation to the Mancos Board of Trustees re: services to the Town that the library provides, along with a request for additional funds.

VII.  Projects Summary:

a.  No sales of Stanton Englehart cards from the Bakery since last meeting.

b.  Library book bags were given away at the Balloon Festival if someone made a purchase of $5 or more.

c.  Balloon Festival vendor’s booth garnered $173.71 in sales and donations.  We all felt that Dana’s efforts at setting this up were of great value and the proceeds were such that a booth at next year’s festival would be worthwhile.  Suggestions were made of having some small edibles and water and/or lemonade for sale which might bring in additional funds as there was only one food vendor at the stalls on Grand Avenue.  Maddy stated that the food vendors were all at Boyle Park.  Since the library booth was free, and there were food vendors at the park, this may not be possible, but we agreed to pursue this idea.

VIII.  Old Business:

a.  Landscaping project is in full swing.

b.  Picnic table honoring landscape donors is still in process.

IX.  New Business:

In Lee’s email announcing the agenda for the October 5th meeting, he stated that he would be asking for funds from MFOL for the electronic upgrades to the library.  Laurie also stated that funds would be required for the annual end-of-year appeal for donations.

X.  Our next meeting will be November 2nd at the library.

XI.  Adjournment at 7:48 p.m.

Minutes – August 3, 2015

(as submitted)

Members present: Lee Hallberg, Dana Petersen, Tulli Kerstetter, Carolyn Smith, Maddy Williams, Laurie Webster, Silvia Fleitz

  1. Call to Order: by Carolyn Smith at 7:11 pm
  2. Proxies: None
  3. Electronic votes or communications: None
  • Minutes of previous meeting: approved as read
  1. Correspondence: A thank you card was signed by members present to Brent and Rachel McWhirter of Moose and More for giving us a good discount on their artisan ice cream.
  2. Financial Report: Presented by Laurie. View the report. We made over $1000 on the Mancos Days book sale. Total all accounts is $9,289.32. Mancos Valley Bank has been bought by Dolores State Bank so there will be some changes to the fee structures. Laurie will investigate this as the changes take place later this month.
  3. Librarian’s Report: Presented by Lee. The yard sale brought in $640 to the library. They still have the grandfather clock which they can sell for between $500-600, possibly on line. They are planning to do another yard sale in conjunction with a book sale in the future. At the end of the month Lee will be requesting money from the Friends for books for those that completed the summer reading program. August 6th the library will close at 4pm for a reception for the Pecos archaeology conference. There will be some local authors selling books during the reception as well. August 19th the library will be closed for inventory. Gretchen has started the weeding on the landscaping along with some volunteers so the outside is looking much better. They are waiting on a ton of rocks to fill in some landscaping around flagstone paths. They are also hoping to get wood chips from Western Excelsior. The book sorting and distribution after the book sale went well with 7 boxes of books going to our sister library in Morocco. The rest will be sent to a distribution center in Denver where they will be dispersed or recycled through the Colorado Library Consortium. Lee would like to set up an online discussion with to talk about the expectations of the Friends during the mill levy campaign in 2016. We will be needing 1.5 mils just to keep the library open.
  • Projects Summary
  1. Stanton Englehart sales/online inquiries: There are still 9 packages at the Absolute Bakery. Dana made more labels for the card packs and is working on getting the cards and prints back on our website.
  2. Library Book Bags: they are still slowly selling and at least 5 sold during the book sale.
  • Old Business
  1. Landscaping donor bench update: Lee has not been able to get a hold of Bonnie Loving to discuss the picnic table/bench made of horseshoes that we are thinking of so he will try again.
  2. Mancos Days Book Sale and Friends Ice Cream Social: the book sale was very successful in spite of the fact that we did not get on any of the advertising for Mancos Days Events as promised when we paid the $50 fee. It was discussed that we may use the $50 next year toward a booth at the park to give away free books and advertise the sale. Lee feels that the yard sale and book sale helped each other. The Friends Ice Cream social had about the same number of people (around 20) but there were some new faces and all enjoyed the Moose and More Artisan Ice Cream.
  3. New Business
  4. Officer’s Slate: We have some interest in our 1st and 2nd Vice President positions. We will need to review our entire slate and terms of office at our September meeting.
  5. Adjournment: at 8:10pm. Our next meeting will be Sept 14th, the second Monday, rather than Sept 7th as that is Labor Day. See you Sept 14th at 7pm at the library! All are welcome!