Minutes – December 5, 2016

Members Present:  Amy Welden, Koko Smith, Lee Hallberg, Laurie Webster, Dana Petersen, Tulli Kerstetter

I.     Call to Order at 7:04 p.m.

II.    Minutes of previous meeting summarized by KoKo.  Motion to accept the minutes was seconded and all approved.

III.  Proxy Votes regarding the donor table purchase were unanimous.  See update under new business below.

IV.    Correspondence:  None

V.   Financial report

October and November reimbursements to Dana and Silvia were made as noted on the report.  $1000 to the Vote Yes for MPL Committee.  Amazon Smile autodeposit of $12.86.  Card sales of $12, book sales of $48.  $5718.98 in checking; savings $256.80.  Total $5975.78.    Paypal routing nos. may not be going through (to Dolores State Bank) for Engelhart prints via Paypal online ($306.24 not received).  Motion to accept report was made, seconded and approved. View the report.

VI.    Librarian’s report

The Vote Yes for MPL Committee may be returning some of the $1000 given to it by Friends.  However, the cost of producing the TABOR notices for the mill levy campaign of $737.85 was requested by Lee for Friends to reimburse.  (See report).  The motion was made to approve reimbursing the library $737.85 for TABOR notice costs, which was seconded and approved.

With regard to landscaping, Lee stated that the LDS youth group made the best effort at cleaning up the yard around the library.  Use of the drip system will require maintenance if the library decides to use it, but overhead water may be enough since plants are established.  The Strutherses are willing to help pay for professional landscapers and will make a suggestion to Lee of a suitable professional landscaper.


VII    Old Business

a. Appreciation for the Christmas party sponsored by the library on December 2nd was voiced by all.

b.  Engelhart cards:  Koko will check on any sales at Absolute Bakery.

VIII.    New Business

a. Book sale Dec. 17 (Sat.)

Setup will take place in the main library on Friday the 16th at 3; only a couple tables and the current book shelves will be used.  The sale will operate from 10-3 during library hours on Saturday.  Silvia will make a signup sheet for volunteers to set up, man the actual sale, and for teardown.

b. Book storage update

Not in bad shape for needing storage for books.  May get some storage in Fahrenheit building.  See the Librarian’s Report.

c. Donor bench update

Since the table will need to be put together, and it is now winter, the Friends agreed to purchase it now to avoid any increase in price later, and store it til spring when it can be put together.  Tulli volunteered one of her sheds for winter storage.  Lee will purchase it through the library to get a donation from Amazon Smile and Friends will reimburse later.  The table agreed upon is six feet long, picnic-style, wire mesh, in green.  Purchase price of $600 includes shipping.

IX. Adjourn at 7:43 p.m.

Next meeting: Jan. 2, 2017