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Minutes – July 11, 2016

(as submitted)

Members Present: Tulli Kerstetter, Dana Petersen, Eckhart Stuart, Anne Benson, Amy Welden, Silvia Fleitz

I. Call to Order: at 7:08pm by Tulli 1st Vice President as Carolyn Smith President was not available.

II. Minutes of previous meeting: approved as read.

III. Proxie Votes: None.

IV. Correspondence: none.

V. Financial report: none. Laurie Webster, treasurer, not present.

VI. Librarian’s report: from Lee Hallberg, presented by Dana. There are several job openings at the library. Lee sent two designs for us to choose from for our new donation box that he is in the process of ordering. See full report here.

VII. Old Business

A. Follow up from the Half Marathon event including suggestions sent for future races: Dana reports the library grossed about $7,000. Thank you notes have been sent to all who donated to the event1596212 . We would like to have a greener event with recycling which the Friends could manage along with the food booth. We would like to have signs at our booth showing that we were the sponsor of the booth and acknowledging all the businesses that donated food. Any other ideas to improve the event, please send them to Dana.

B. Stanton Englehart: sales and location update. We will look to Laurie to update us on possibly selling cards at the Edge of the Cedar Museum5812481 in Blanding, UT at our next meeting.

C. Library Book Bags: 130 of these were given away during the marathon. We discussed having Dana saving the remaining ones for the next marathon rather than ochcontinuing to try to sell them as we generally sell less than one per month.

D. donor bench/ table/ wall plaque: tabled again.

VIII. New Business

A. Mancos Days Book Sale: Silvia will put a sign12481up sheet in the library and send out bulk emails for volunteers. She will also do flyers and PSA. Silvia will contact Moose and More about giving us a discount on ice cream again for our Friends Only event. The schedule for the sale will be:

  • Thurs 7/28 9am-1pm set up book sale, 5:30pm set up Ice cream social, 6-8pm Friends Only Event and Ice Cream Social.
  • Fri 7/29 Book sale 10am-5pm
  • Sat 7/30 Book Sale 11am-3pm, tear down 3-5pm.

B. Landscaping news: the suggestion was made to advertise for volunteers to help with weeding and perhaps have a yard work day again.

C. Updates on Mil levy business: none.

IX. Adjourn at 8:01pm. Next meeting: August 1, 2016 at 7pm at the library. We will start planning for the Mancos Balloon Festival. All are welcome!

Minutes – June 6, 2016

(as submitted)

Members Present: Carolyn Smith, Tulli Kerstetter, Amy Welden, Laurie Webster, Shari Dunn, Silvia Fleitz

I.    Call to Order: by Carolyn at 7:03 pm.

II.     Minutes of previous meeting: approved as read.

III.    Proxy Votes: none

IV.    Correspondence: none

V.    Financial report: presented by Laurie. Total balance all accounts is $5,586.13. See full report here. Approved as read.

VI.   Librarian’s report: read by Amy as submitted by Lee. There are several part time job openings at the library. See full report here.

VII.   Old Business

A. Stanton Englehart: sales and location update: sales have picked up. Laurie reports that we bought 250 8 packs for $1140. $4.56 per 8 pack was our cost. She also reports that the Edge of the Cedars Museum is interested in selling the cards. Laurie will see if they would be willing to purchase 50 packs for $10 apiece. We also need to assess how many packs we have left. Tulli would be willing to deliver them to Blanding, UT.

B. Library Book Bags: we sold one!

C. donor bench/ table/ wall plaque: will table this again.

VIII. New Business

A.  Half Marathon updates on volunteer jobs, sponsors, sign-ups: Dana provided a list of places for us to go to for donations: Tulli-Zuma Foods, Carolyn-Dolores Food Market, Amy-Absolute Bakery, Shari-Family Dollar Store. All will report what donations they are able to procure to Dana and Shaine at the library.

B. Landscaping news: nothing new.

C. updates on Mil levy business: none.

D. Jersey Jim auction update: we sold the night in our online auction for $155. Good job everybody!

E.  Amy Welden – changes in recording of membership. She wants to add a box to indicate new or renewing member. She will talk to Lee about getting this onto the form.

IX. Adjourn: Next meeting: July 11, 2016 at 7:00 pm at the library. All are welcome!