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Minutes – December 4, 2017

Present: Joan Brind’Amour, Lee Hallberg, Anne Benson, Koko Smith, Tulli Kerstetter, Amy Welden (via computer connection), Shari Dunn

Call to order — 7:04 pm

Minutes of the last meeting sent out previously were accepted.

Proxy votes — none

Request from Shari Dunn.  Shari presented an overview of the Great Decisions program, which is a library-hosted program.  She stated that $150 of the $310.99 annual cost had been donated yearly from the League of Women Voters.  Unfortunately, for 2018, the League is not contributing, hence Shari’s request to Friends for some financial help.  Shari explained the program to the Friends and announced the new topics for 2018.  Amy made a motion to give $150 to the program, which was seconded and approved.

Correspondence — None.  Lee said checks arising from the annual year-end funding appeal are starting to arrive.

Financial Report — Sent to all Board members from Laurie.  Savings of $256.92, checking of $6901.87, for a total of $7158.79.  The major expense last month was $1632.79 for printing/mailing of annual year-end fundraiser letter. View the November 2017 report.

Librarian’s Report – none printed.  Lee reported orally: (1) that the bearproof trash can had arrived, (2) the year-end fundraiser mailing had garnered $2200 so far (normally $7000-$10,000 is collected, with a big donor giving $3000-$5000 of that each year), (3) announced the Christmas Party will be Dec. 16, at 3:30 (4) a $20,000 anonymous donation was received.  All funds collected go into the general operating fund.  Lee wants to build up a six month reserve in case of emergencies.

Old Business

Englehart cards at ABC are in a good space but sometimes covered up by aprons being sold there as well.

Donor table plaque – tabled until Silvia can be present to update the Board.

New Business

Dec. book sale.  The setup people will meet with Dana on Friday at 3:30 to determine where book tables will be placed. Emphasis will be on gift type books and young adult and children’s books.  Joan will go through the many books already collected and pick out books.  A request was made by Joan to keep the books somewhat categorized during teardown.  The schedule is as follows:  3;30 – 6 setup on Friday, sale Saturday from 10 to 3, teardown 3-5.  Book bags and scale are in the community room closet.  Discussion of sandwich board locations.  Tulli will email Silvia and ask her if she would be willing to set them out as she has done in the past.  If not, Anne would do it.

Discussion and vote on joining with the Historical Society for the Follies event March 3rd at Millwood Junction  Koko announced that she may not be around for the Follies.  Amy has found a few people who would donate.  Importance here of seeing if anyone from Friends is willing to undertake the project.  30-40 items need to be collected, with a few large and more expensive items.  (tickets, round of golf, Dunton Hot Springs, etc.).  Lee recommends doing an email message to Friends members and solicit offers of help.  Tulli will contact Silvia to see if she will send out a notice to the members about this because the Friends Board is too small to undertake all the work necessary.  Lee thinks a half dozen committed people would cause Friends to agree to undertake the project  Cutoff date of Dec. 18 to decide whether or not to participate with the Historical Society so they can start planning.

Motion to adjourn at 8:10 pm.

Next meeting will be January 8, 2018.

Minutes – November 6, 2017

Present: Linda Simmons, Anne Benson, Amy Welden, Tulli Kerstetter, Lee Hallberg, Dana Petersen, Koko Smith, Silvia Fleitz

1.  Call to Order at 7:06

2.  Minutes of previous meeting, sent out to all Board members last month, were approved.

3.  Proxy votes– none

4.  Correspondence – none

5.  Financial report –   Amy read the report, stating $256.92 in savings and a checking balance of $9006.58. View the September/October report.

6.    Librarian’s report.  Items covered included: date set for 2018 Cowboy Half Marathon (June 23),  landscaping update, refinancing of library’s lease purchase loan (see below), the annual holiday party (December 16, 3:30 p.m.), 2018 Draft Budget, grants of $4000 to supplement book purchases, Follies, fundraiser letter.  (See report for details).  Lee commented on the Draft 2018 Budget, stating that the revenue drop for next year is due to lack of abundance of commercial properties in our district.  Also driving the new budget is the recently passed laws affecting minimum wage, which will increase 6 percent over several years.

Additionally, Lee requested $1650 to cover the cost of mailing the annual end-of-year fundraising letter.  The request was approved.

The ongoing discussion concerning early payment of the lease purchase loan continued, with Lee stating that he will probably make a request next year to Friends for funds with which to help pay down the principle.

Linda Simmons from the Historical Society made a presentation to Friends regarding the Follies, which is to take place March 3rd at Millwood Junction.  The Follies consist of entertainment, a silent auction and raffle, which has in the past been successful at raising $5000-$7000.  Entertainment and decorations would be provided by the historical society, while Friends could help with the silent auction, obtaining raffle items, selling tickets, and item collection/setup for the event. Committees need to be formed, with help from five ladies who were instrumental in putting on prior Follies.  Proceeds would be evenly split between the Historical Society and Friends.   Linda suggested meeting in December to get committees and duties delegated, a theme picked, and a date set for a January meeting to begin planning in earnest.  Lee noted that library staff will be busy with the Half Marathon and will not be available to help with the Follies in requesting donations of items, financial support, etc.

A vote on whether to join the Historical Society in putting on next year’s Follies was tabled until December’s meeting.

7.  Old business

Englehart cards– no update.

Donor table plaque  – update on plans. No update.

8.  New business

Amy made a presentation about the Artists in Residence (AIR) program at Mesa Verde National Park.  Five artists are chosen from applications, and each winner has to do a public program.   Amy proposed that the artists might do their presentations at the library rather than in the park, which may attract more attendees.  Friends would help promote the presentations and possibly contribute some logistical help.  All agreed to allow Amy to pursue this relationship with AIR on behalf of Friends.

Slate of officers – Anne is  willing to be first VP to replace Silvia, with no change to the rest of the Board.  The new slate of officers was approved.

Wrap-up discussion on bylaws review and Friends to  donate to library projects in lieu of the loan.  See discussion under Librarian’s report above.

Bear-proof dumpster discussion.  Lee chose bearicuda model, 64 gallon size, for $215. Purchase approved.

Dec. book sale – 12/9 with setup after 3:30 pm on Friday the 8th.  Final plans inc. available FOL folks for setup, sales, tear-down.  Dana stated that there will be townwide events going on that weekend, all of which will be advertised together.  See October minutes for details.  Book sale hours: 10-3 on Saturday.  Room for 4 tables in community room and a table or two by the permanent sale bookshelves in the library.

9.  Adjourn at 8:20 p.m.   Next meeting Dec.4, 2017