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Minutes – July 11, 2023

Library Conference Room
4 p.m.
In Attendance: Peggy Littlejohn, Miriam Dunlap, Anne Benson, Tulli Kerstetter, Ann Coker, Jared Boudreaux, Laurie Webster, Cathy Seibert
1. Call to order at 4:01 pm
2. Minutes from June meeting as emailed – Peggy moved to accept the minutes and Laurie seconded. Tulli apologized for misspelling Cathy’s first name on the original minutes, which were corrected. All approved.
3. Guest requests – none
4. Proxy/e-mail votes – none
5. Correspondence – just checks sent in, according to Laurie.
6. Financial report – Laurie stated that the savings interest had doubled to $3.24, probably due to the recent rate increases, to make a total of $4331.81. Checking account transactions: probably the last Amazon Smile payment of $15.09, Len Gallagher donation of $275, some renewals ($35), $21.10 in-library book sales, renewed PO box. Anne sold two more books online. Total in checking: $12,996.99. Savings and checking now at $17,328.80. Laurie will put more into savings from checking, given the interest rate at present. Jared may have around $3000 to request of Friends next month for new library office chairs. Tulli moved to approve the financial report and Miriam seconded. All approved.

7. Library Director’s report – (See report for details). Jared stated that the library is making further improvements to the outdoor area through a GRT grant that includes a small mud kitchen for kids, as well as looking to add fences. Ann asked Jared if there was a place for kids to play Dungeons and Dragons in the library, he said sure. Over 40 people of all ages are enrolled in the summer reading program, including 10 adults and a few teens. The State Library contacted Jared about the library assisting the county with tele-health care information. Jared wants more information, and questions what the library would need in terms of additional staffing and liability issues. He is not too crazy about libraries carrying more of a burden for health issues, which all board members present agreed with. The Half Marathon on October 14 will coincide with an annular solar eclipse, so the library area will be packed with people. Maybe move the whole set of activities to the school ballpark? Since the open house was a success, the library wishes to reprise it next year, only not on Memorial Day weekend. There were actually about 70 folks who attended instead of 40-50  previously reported. The Little Free Library is now all stained and painted, with a chair also in place for reading. A formal proposal for HVAC system upgrade is being worked on by both Jared and Ryan to request bids beyond the local communities, which had poor results. The online catalog now has a signup button, which hopefully will bring in more people for library cards, especially school kids. There is still a problem with landscaping, as Wild Iris has not been responding to anyone’s calls. Jared needs to find out if the current donor will pay for some other landscaper than Wild Iris. The weeds are becoming an issue. Equipment rental will be a school project since there needs to be a staff member in charge –may be a Mancos Valley Resources project eventually according to Laurie. There is a lot of equipment but there is a need for organization and a storage facility. There are currently no funds for this operation.
8. Membership report – Two renewals given to Cathy from Laurie (Hatch and Simmons). Anne will need a membership list for the ice cream social and book sale (date paid last, name, email) for years 2021-2023.
9. Book Maven – Miriam commented that not a whole lot of books had been donated lately but still have a good number of items for sale.
10. Old business
Mancos Days Book Sale and Social – Anne has created a volunteer signup sheet for those wishing to help. Big bags are limited, so buyers will be encouraged to bring their own.  Cathy volunteered for the ice cream social, also Miriam and Laurie. Two pints of sorbet and two half-gallons of regular ice cream (everyone seems to think chocolate-based). Anne will get ice. Tulli will bring her handcart over at 10 for moving books from the zircon. Tulli will also fix the sandwich boards for the sale and Miriam will set them out. Anne will do ads online. The Social will be from 5 to 7 on Thursday, with the actual book sale 10-5 on Friday and 11-3 on Saturday. Setup at 11 on Thursday. Flyers were printed by Jared as the meeting progressed, to be handed out by Miriam (Mancos), Peggy (Dolores), Tulli (Cortez). Silvia will do radio and Facebook.
11. New business
Friends Fund Form – Jared’s form updated the old form for keeping track of money arriving at the front desk for MFOL. Sections no longer of use on the old form were for a cookbook, photo cards, quilt squares; DVD sales added. Laurie and Linda at the library will revise.
12. Adjourn at 4:58 pm
Next meeting: August 1, 2023 – Conference Room

Minutes – June 6, 2023

Library Conference Room
4 p.m.
Members present: Kathy Seibert, Anne Benson, Tulli Kerstetter, Jared Boudreaux, Peggy
1. Call to order 4 pm
2. Minutes from May meeting as emailed – Kathy moved to accept the minutes and Anne seconded. All approved. Tulli noted as a correction that Amy did not ask about the Englehart prints last month, it was Miriam.
3. Guest requests – none
4. Proxy/e-mail votes – none
5. Correspondence – none
6. Financial report – Laurie was not present nor was a financial report sent to the board members by the time of this meeting.
7. Library Director’s report (see report for details) – Jared recapped the May 26 open house, which was held in order to highlight various programs the library has to offer, and about 40-50 people attended. SER worker Dearle Ricker is now at the Montezuma Heritage Museum in Cortez. Two armchairs for the children’s room will be arriving as a donation from the Telluride library. Prepping for the summer reading program and other events for all ages has begun. A “bubble and foam” party is being planned in the yard for the kids in the summer reading program. The little free library is up, but painting and staining of the structure has not been completed. A plastic rocking chair at the little free library has been purchased for those who wish to sit and read at the same spot. Upon review of emergency plans for the library, the children’s room is problematic, with no door out, so a new “smart” electronic doorknob replaced the old knob so every staff’s thumbprint can open the door and a code for parents posted. An exit directly out the building is also being considered. Updating the HVAC system may have to wait as only one very high bid has been received. Maybe a piecemeal retrofit rather than total revamp should be undertaken. Kathy recommended the A.O. Smith brand name products for the new system. The library yard is looking a big ragged, and Jared may need to prompt Wild Iris to address the weeds.
Finally, Jared brought up an item that has been discussed in prior months, i.e., new staff office chairs. He estimates about $1800 for 8 chairs. He also wondered if Friends would be willing to pay for shirts to be handed out to those who finish the summer reading program — around $300. Friends indicated their willingness to pay for both the chairs and the shirts when exact figures are obtained.
8. Membership report – Kathy entered the latest membership/donation of $300 from liquor store.
9. Book Maven report – Although Miriam was not in attendance, she had emailed Anne about there being fewer book donations lately, although there will be lots of new books for the July book sale. She is also all caught up on sorting.
10. Old business
Jersey Jim auction – Friends will receive $475 from David Peyton of Mancos as the winning bid.
Mancos Days Book Sale and Social – 27-29th of July.
11. New business
MailChimp – Anne had to pay $13 for an upgrade for one month to send out a newsletter to over 1000 emails for the Jersey Jim Auction, which was over the free limit. She sold another book on Amazon for $19 but cost $5 to ship.
Half Marathon Date – October 14. Jared needs to reserve the community room and request a liquor license for the event.
12. Adjourn at 4:35 pm.
Next meeting: July 11, 2023 – Conference Room