Minutes – November 1, 2022

(As submitted)

Library Conference Room, 4 pm

Members present: Anne Benson, Ann Coker, Cathy Seibert, Miriam Dunbar, Peggy Littlejohn, Tulli Kerstetter, Ilga Vise
1. Call to order at 4 pm

2. Minutes from October meeting as emailed – Peggy moved to accept the minutes, and Cathy seconded.    All approved

3. Guest requests– none

4. Proxy/e-mail votes – Laurie gave her proxy to Anne for the vote on a new slate of officers (see below).

5. Correspondence – none

6. Financial report –    In Laurie’s absence, Anne summarized the report as follows:    $4226.13 in savings, with 53 cents interest;   $8738.51 in checking; sale on  Amazon of one book at $43.10;  print sold for $125, one hat sold for $20, in-library book sales of $23. Total balance at the end of October was $12,964.64.    Ann moved to accept the financial report and Cathy seconded.    All approved.

7. Library Director’s report –    In Jared’s absence, Anne summarized his report for
the record as follows:   exterior lights are currently being replaced with LEDs; a request from Jared for Friends to cover the cost of the year-end annual appeal; Linda McDarby has joined the library staff as a new sub and Friday program supervisor;    Cowboy Half Marathon had 200 participants and raised $10,878 for the library;   Friday programs have been well received with a cap of 20 per program; Cidery Halloween event with 80 in attendance a success; a new printer ordered to replace one of the two patron printers;  Cybrarian security software outfit has been difficult to work with so Jared is trying out Librarica as a replacement; and staff computers will be replaced half this year and half next year.
Board members commented on the pre-Halloween chili feed for trick/treaters, stating there were 70 attendees for the feed at the library. Discussion before the motion to fund the annual appeal letter centered on the number of patrons which may be included this year and the additional charge for postage. Last year’s appeal cost Friends around $2500. The exact amount required for the appeal will not be known until December, but Miriam moved to provide up to $3000 for the appeal, and Peggy seconded. All approved. Anne will modify last year’s Friends letter for the appeal fund to reflect the donations made to the library in 2022.

8. Book Maven report – Miriam reported that she is now caught up on all donations    and had contacted the Cortez Jail about providing books.    Two boxes of paperbacks have now been gathered for the inmates.

9. Old business
Half Marathon de-brief – Per discussion Tulli had with Cathy, some changes need to be made in the food items provided, namely more salty snacks and cookies, 4-5 bags of ice instead of 6, 2 watermelons instead of 3, the same number of oranges, and 4-5 packages of grapes.    Anne could not find the new banner but thinks it may be hidden among the items in the shed.    The library silent auction was not a smashing success, having sold only about $300 worth of items.    A suggestion was made to have fewer high-priced items and more items geared towards runners    Thank you notes have gone out to P&D, Zuma, and ABC for their food contributions (thank you, Ann).    Anne will ask Walmart a month or two in advance for a discount on salty packaged items for next year.    Cathy commented that there should be some ingredient information on the cookies from ABC for those with food allergies.   Tulli reported that the “blue box” toolkit is ready for next year and she will re-do the To-Do list for the Friends food contribution to the Half Marathon runners (see attachment).

Holiday Book Sale – Miriam’s suggestions for a successful mini book sale in the library: move couch, have table at old position, do sales by weight only with sale to be on the 2nd and 3rd or 9th and 10th from 12-5 Friday and 1-3 Saturday. She is volunteering to be in charge of the sale but would need one other person to help her.    Need kids books, cookbooks, fiction, nonfiction.   Anne will talk to Cathy Epps of the craft fair at the school to coordinate with them.   Ilga has some children’s books that she will donate for the sale. Miriam has an arrangement with Mancos Thrift Store to obtain the children’s books donated there.

10. New business
Election of Officers – All of the current officers stated they were willing to serve for one more year as follows:
Anne – President
Ann — 1st Vice President
Cathy — 2nd Vice President
Tulli – Secretary, but willing to step down if a replacement can be found
Laurie as Treasurer was not up for nomination or replacement this year.
Miriam moved to accept the above slate of officers, and Ilga seconded.    All approved.

11. Adjourn at 4:45 pm.

Next meeting: December 6, 2022 – Library Conference Room

Attachment: To-Do List for Half Marathon