Minutes – December 5, 2023

(As submitted)

In attendance: Jared Boudreaux, Laurie Webster, Miriam Dunbar, Tulli Kerstetter, Anne Benson, Peggy Littlejohn, Cathy Seibert, Ann Coker, Ilga Vise, Amy Welden, Eugene Creany

1. Call to order at 4 pm

2. Minutes from November meeting as emailed – Miriam advocated a change in the minutes to state that the setup for the Christmas book sale was to take place on Thursday afternoon instead of morning. Peggy moved to accept the minutes as amended and Miriam seconded. All approved.

3. Guest requests — none

4. Proxy/e-mail votes — none

5. Correspondence — none

6. Financial report – The $2500 donation from Becktel Charitable Purposes that Anne alluded to last month has been deposited into savings. Additional deposits totaling $32.80 went into checking from in-library book sales and donation box. Checking now has 4572.88, savings $13,837.67, for a total of $18,410.55. Tulli moved to approve the report and Cathy seconded. All approved.

7. Library Director’s report – Jared reported that the Friday program has been extended to 2 pm to allow for activities of extra partners. An art program for kids is being set up by Mary Vozar. United Way of Southwest Colorado is sponsoring training for safe places for kids in the libraries and is donating $1400 for same. Group training will begin next year, focusing around individuals who are in need of services, such as crisis prevention, etc. A screening of the Right to Read film is tentatively scheduled for late February or March next year. Staff wants to start conversations on kids behind on their reading level – maybe Friends can fund literacy tutors? Anne asked whether qualifications for tutors shouldn’t come from the schools. Jared suggested running such a program would take place during summer with the summer reading program (40% of students seem to be in need of reading help). More details to follow next year. Donation letter ready to go out pending verification of addresses, which is ongoing. The mail-out amount has not yet been established but maybe Friends would want to pre-approve an amount they are willing to pay. Motion to pre-approve up to $3500 for end of year mailing was made by Cathy and seconded by Amy. All approved. A return on this investment for the library is close to $10,000, and Friends do cover their costs through donations. More than 3500 letters are mailed out each December.
8. Membership report – Cathy will prepare an updated list for the Christmas sale.

9. Book Maven report – Miriam has sent 12 boxes to Better World Books, 3 boxes worth for the free shelf, and lots left for sale. Tulli hauled about 15 boxes to the Zircon in Miriam’s absence. There are still plenty of books being donated.

10. Old business

Holiday Book Sale – Dec. 8 & 9. The cash box will be in Jared’s office. Hours for the sale are 12-5 on Friday and 10-3 on Saturday. Sales will be by pound only. Miriam will set up sandwich boards. DVDs have been going well at the in-library book sale shelves so will not be part of the Christmas sale. Friends hats will be displayed, and Jared is almost to the point of displaying more hats behind the library counter on a daily basis.

11. New business

Library holiday party – Dec. 22, at 5 p.m. Tulli, Peggy, and Laurie told Jared not to spend the money on them for Christmas presents.

12. Adjourn at 4:30 pm.

Next meeting: January 2, 2024 – Conference Room