Minutes – May 6, 2013

(as submitted)

May 6, 2013

Members Present: Linda Bellush, Ben Wolcott, Lee Wilson, Laurie Webster, Silvia Fleitz, Lee Hallberg

I. Call to order: by Linda at 7:10pm

II. Proxies: None

III. Minutes of previous meeting: accepted as written.

IV. Correspondence: Thank you cards were signed for Bob Seney, Dmitri Schlotter, Carolyn Smith, and Mac Neely for their special efforts for the High Tea.

V. Financial report: total balance is $7,083.94. Accepted as written.

VI. Librarian’s report: see attached for details. The library will be facing a 17% budget cut this year over last year so the board will be looking at asking for a Mill Levy increase. This would bring the library back up to the level they were at last year which was a 10% decrease from 2011.

VII. Old Business

a. High tea and book sale results:

b. Landscaping sculpture by Marilyn Kroeker: Linda will contact Julia and restart the discussions about getting a large rock and getting the

c. Thanking donors: Lee Wilson brought up having a letter that thanks people for donations. It was agreed that we would do this for donations of at least $100 and Lee Hallberg will look into if it is necessary legally to do this for at least $50 donations and up.

VIII. New Business

a. Stanton Englehart cards for AHC exhibit May 11-Nov 2: Silvia will work with AHC to see if they will buy our new 8 packs of notecards for $7 each.

b. Jersey Jim silent auction: end of May, beginning of June, Silvia will be meeting with Dana Petersen to get this set up.

c. Day lily plant sale July 13th: Holly will have the buyers take the lilies with them at the sale rather than deliver them as she has them dug already. Linda will ask Holly to come to our June meeting to start planning for the sale.

d. Mancos Days book sale: We will need to be thinking of a “Friends Only” event, have done icecream social in the past.

e. Book Page: Lee Hallberg let us know that the subscription is up and requests that the Friends renew it for the cost of $300 for one year. A motion to that effect was made and approved.

IX. Miscellaneous Business

a. Book Donations: Linda would like to change the book donations to an on call basis so that when books come in she will call volunteers to come in to sort. She will check in with the library once on Mondays to see what books have come in and will go from there. The people who have been helping with book sorting are Linda, Lee Wilson, Silvia, Sandi Gregory, Mary Alice Gonzales, and Gwen Hawkins.

X. Next Meeting: Meeting adjourned at 8:28 pm. Monday June 3rd at 7pm at the library.

Librarian’s Report – 5/6/13

• Hiring process for Development & Programming Director has been completed, we’ve made an offer to Shaine Gans (currently is Development Director for the Children’s Kiva, prior to that was the Festival Organizer for the Dolores River Fest) – she has tentatively accepted but needs to check in with her husband. She will be able to start 1st week of June.

• Received preliminary assessment numbers from the County, they are looking much lower than hoped for. Board is currently discussing options for a Mil Levy increase, a committee will be forming soon (and we could use a little help from our Friends…)

• Received grant check from The Garden Show, Inc. for landscaping an “outdoor classroom” on the north end of building, will be planning and starting project soon.

• Received a grant from Care and Share to help provide snacks for children’s summer programs.

• One Book for Colorado program is returning this week, book is “Duck on a Bike”. Kate has arranged a program on Wed. at 10 am with Pete from Kokopelli’s in conjunction with the giveaway.

• Seed Lending Library is up and running – check out seeds, grow them in your garden & reserve 1 or 2 plants of each crop to help restock the library at the end of the season.

• Many youth programs wrapping up for the summer – Gaming Daze & Movie Mondays will continue as long as attendance remains strong.

• Summer Reading Program will start in June – this year’s theme is “Dig Into Reading”.

• Patrons (17 years of age or older) can now check out the iPad for in-house use.

• ESL classes have been well received, so far 6 regular attendees (& growing).

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