Minues – August 4, 2014

(as submitted) Mancos Friends of the Library – Minutes

August 4th, 2014

Members Present: Dana Petersen, Lee Wilson, Laurie Webster, Silvia Fleitz

I. Call to Order: by Lee Wilson at 7:15 pm

II. Proxies:
a. Electronic votes or communications: none

III. Minutes of previous meeting: approved as read.

IV. Correspondence: Laurie will update our status with the Colorado Secretary of State.

V. Financial report: Laurie just got back into town and will present at the next meeting.

VI. Librarian’s report: Lee Hallberg was not present. He emailed a report. See below.

VII. Projects Summary

a. Stanton Englehart sales: The card sales at the Absolute Bakery continue to go well. We will put the last 8 of the 12 packs there. Lee will ask Carolyn Smith to continue this when Lee moves away.

b. Sculpture recognizing donors: tabled until next meeting. Laurie and Silvia will look at some rocks.

c. Mancos Days-Book Sale: Laurie just got back to town and has not had time to count the proceeds. She will email the results. Ideas for future book sales included 3 more sandwich boards, setting up a table closer to the park, enlarging our sale book sale shelf in the library.

VIII. Old Business

A. Mancos Days-Library 5th Anniversary Celebration: Dana and Silvia will present receipts for supplies at the next meeting.

B. We will continue to talk with people to recruit new officers for our slate for Sept.

IX. New Business

A. Dana added a link to the Friend’s website for signing up your City Market Card for the City Market Cares program so that a portion of your spending will go to the library.

B. Dana suggested looking into selling t-shirts and hoodies with the library aspen leaf logo after a library patron asked if any were for sale.

X. Adjourn 7:55 pm. Next meeting will be Monday Sept 8th at 7 pm at the library. All are welcome!

Librarian’s report:

– Regular & after school programs will resume after school starts on the 19th.
– Much thanks to Holly Cruiser for coming to help out with the weeding & landscaping – we could still use more help, particularly with the weeds if anyone has time or energy.
– Kudos on the booksale – I haven’t heard word of the final tally, but I heard it was busy!
– Much thanks for all your help and support with the anniversary celebration – I hear it was a big success, many community members have commented that they enjoyed the evening.