Minutes – April 7, 2014

(as submitted)

Regular meeting – Monday, April 7, 2014

Present: Bob Seney, Dana Petersen, Ben Wolcott, Laurie Webster, Bob Huffman

I. Call to order – Bob Seney called the meeting to order at 7:07.

II. Proxies – Silvia Fleitz gave her proxy to Dana via email. (Dana is acting as secretary in Silvia’s absence.)

III. Confirmations of electronic votes/communications – None.

IV. Minutes of previous meeting – Accepted as submitted.

V. Correspondence – None.

VI. Financial report – Laurie presented the financial report. Total of checking and savings is $6,868.98. Only a little activity in the past month – a couple of deposits from the bake sale, book sales, memberships and the donation box. Financial report accepted as submitted. See attached.

VII. Librarian’s report – Lee Hallberg was not present but will be forwarding his report at a later date.

VIII. Recent projects summary

A. Stanton Englehart card sales – Bob reported on a conversation at the Absolute Bakery that indicated the card sales there are going well.

B. Report on search for the sculpture rock – Dana has yet to contact Marilyn Kroeker regarding a new bid for the sculpture. She will follow up.

IX. Old Business

A. Review of bylaws questions – Laurie looked into the Friends’ bylaws in light of a possible request from the library to give support for more than programming, ie. mortgage payments, utilities, operating expenses etc. She spoke to an IRS representative who cautioned there is a prohibition against paying personnel expenses, but other types of assistance are allowed as long as they fit within the organization’s statement of purpose put forth when the 501-c-3 status was sought from the state.

X. New Business

A. The Jersey Jim Foundation has donated two nights again, August 15 & 16. Dana will put up an online auction to run May 15-June 15. Publicity ideas include: Facebook page, display board in the library, newspaper and radio PSAs.

B. Bob Huffman offered his collection of 200+ cookbooks to the library as a donation. He will coordinate with Linda Bellush.

XI. Member request item

Ben Wolcott described a collection he has of approximately 50 antique firearms that he would like to put on long-term loan to the library. He is also proposing to donate more than 350 books for the library to use alongside the display. (The collection includes a wide range of topics from pre-1900 catalogs, military and mining history, exploration of the West, hunting, flora and fauna, Colorado history, firearms manufacturing, etc.)

Wolcott proposes to do all of the fundraising necessary to purchase and install secure display cases for the firearms as well as to display the books related to the firearms. He also envisions including a touch-screen computer display with a web-based presentation about the exhibit. Wolcott is planning to write a book about his collection and the history of firearms in the West and beyond. He believes the display will be a great tourist attraction for Mancos. Wolcott would also place a contribution box near the display and will guarantee the box will bring $5,000 to the library (he pledges to make up the difference if the donations fall short). Wolcott described similar, but much smaller, exhibits in Craig and Grand Junction that do very well collecting donations.

Wolcott also expressed his interest in educating the Mancos community, children and adults, about gun safety. His proposed exhibit would enhance the educational opportunities available for that purpose.

Wolcott estimates the project will cost $8,000-$10,000. He proposes to escrow people’s donations for 12 months and return the money if the fundraising falls short and the project has to be abandoned.

The Mancos Valley Historical Society will hold its monthly meeting April 19th at Wolcott’s house if anyone would like to attend that and see some of the collection already on display.

If the project is approved, Wolcott would ask the Friends to help with managing the funds in a separate account established specifically for the firearms exhibit.

Wolcott stated that at its February meeting, the Library Board of Trustees voted that the display fits within the vision of the library but has not yet given final approval for the project. Wolcott will meet again with the Board at its April meeting to negotiate terms of a contract related to the proposal. Wolcott stated the Library Board has received numerous letters of support for the project from local government organizations as well as citizens with previous involvement serving on the Library Board.

XII. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00.

The next meeting will be Monday, May 5, at 7 p.m.