Minutes – August 6, 2018

(as submitted)

Members present:  Lee Hallberg, Dana Petersen, Koko Smith, Anne Benson, Tulli Kerstetter, Silvia Fleitz, Laurie Webster.  Shari Dunn was also present.

1. Call to order at 7 pm.

2. Minutes from previous meeting of July 2 were amended as follows:  Under “Old Business,” the sentence “A later start was suggested, maybe 7 or 7:30” should be changed to “An earlier start was suggested…”

3. Proxy/ email  votes — A proxy email requesting funds for a picnic in celebration of the end of the children’s summer reading program was approved in the amount of $300.

4. Correspondence — none.

5. Financial report —  Laurie reported that the July statement needs some revision with regard to interest.  July’s financial report ending balances were $256.98 in Savings and $9124.81 in Checking, for a total of $9381.79. The Mancos Days book sale at the end of July brought in $759 profit, with $135 in memberships and $624 in book sales, all of which will be in the  August report.  A Wooden Nickel contribution of $21.55 was also noted by Laurie, and will be included in the August report.  No smaller change than quarters will be in the cash box for any future book sales — agreed upon by all present.

6. Librarian’s report — Several items of interest were included in Lee’s report ( See report). Lee noted that a microburst during Mancos Days spelled the end of the library’s popup canopy, so he will be requesting funds for a replacement from Friends in the future.  Looking around during Mancos Days, he noted that Eurmax canopies seemed to be the most popular and the sturdiest.  He also asked if anyone knew where the library could borrow a pressure washer to clean the library’s porches and patios.

7. Old business

Donor bench update —  Silvia reported that Brad has put together a rough draft, which she presented at the meeting.  He is etching the names onto an old road sign, which will be silvery shiny with black letters.  He is only charging $50 for his work.  The names of the donors were proofread at the meeting, and the project will be finished this summer.

Englehart cards and posters — Koko reported that no cards were sold at ABC this past month, and she thinks mainly locals buy the cards rather than tourists. Dana stated that two individuals purchased Englehart prints: one purchased prints of all four works, two signed and two unsigned, for a total of $265 and another bought two prints with a Paypal purchase.  The Paypal purchase had fees attached so the amount Friends receives is about $38 instead of $40, according to Dana.  These purchases will appear in the August financial report.

Books on sale in the library — (Joan was not present to give a report.)

Mancos Days book sale results and thoughts for the future.  Koko stated that Patty Harpham suggested lowering prices in order to get rid of more books.  However, as the sale of books was up this year over last at our current rates of $5 per bag or $1 per pound, the members felt lowering prices was not necessary.  A second comment Patty made to Koko was that any paperback books could be donated to the Cortez Jail.  All members agreed that was a good idea.  Finally, Lee commented that those who manned the library’s table at Mancos Days were directing anyone interested in buying books to our sale as well, which may in part have contributed to the increased revenue over last year.

More protection under our donor table (small stones, etc) — This has now been accomplished.  See Librarian’s Report.

8. New business

A storage shed for snowblower and gasoline other than the Zircon.  Tulli reiterated her conversation with Cindy Simpson after June’s meeting in which Cindy felt that arrangements could be made with the town to accommodate a small shed to house the snowblower and mower.  This issue will be taken up at later meetings and hopefully will be resolved quickly so Joan can work at organizing the books stored in the Zircon without gasoline fumes.  Lee felt the shed could be placed behind the library rather than by the Zircon, all of which needs to have town approval.

Upcoming presentations this fall.  Shari Dunn asked for an honorarium for Harvey Leake, as he will be traveling from Prescott, AZ, to give his presentation at the library on August 22nd.  Shari thought about $100 would be appropriate.  All the Board members approved a $100 honorarium

9. Adjourn at 7:45 pm.  Next meeting  Sept. 3, 2018

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