Minutes – August 7, 2017

Members Present:  Silvia Fleitz, Laurie Webster, Anne Beeson, Amy Welden, Tulli Kerstetter, Koko Smith, Joan Brindamour

I.   Call to Order: 7:08 p.m.

2. Minutes of previous meeting — approved as sent out.

3.Proxie votes.  None

4. Correspondence.  Laurie received an email reminder from the  Secretary of State’s office to file a periodic annual report re: contact info.,  etc., which Laurie filed on August 1.  Additionally, Laurie received a letter  from Dolores State Bank, requiring an update of Friends’ safety deposit box records.  Lee Wilson’s name was removed, and Silvia’s and Laurie’s added. There are two keys for the box: one in our petty cash box and one in Laurie’s possession.

5. Financial report.  Profit from the Mancos Days book sale totaled  $764.36:  $609.36 from books, $155 from memberships.  $665 was earned last year as a comparison, so a bit less on the book sales this year.

Deposits of $256.86 in savings and $7585.05 in checking for total of  $7841.91 without the latest book sale proceeds.

The financial report was approved.

6. Librarian’s report.  No report, Lee absent.

7.  Old business

Engelhart cards — Koko felt our cards were not in a good place at ABC,  (they were placed in the back room near the coffee pots) and there is a need to add more cards.  Joan volunteered to ask the owners to put the cards in a better spot.

Donor table plaque plans.  Laurie found the donor list — 17 donors gave $100 or more.  Silvia has two sources for making the donor plaque: Jewelry Works in Durango, or Brad Goodell (sp?) in Mancos.  Laurie suggested Brad come look at the table and give us some ideas.  Silvia will contact Brad and email us on this matter.  Tulli brought up putting some gravel or something under the donor table, or maybe concrete or sandstone slabs, and take out the netting that is currently there.

Mancos days book sales, results, thoughts for future sales.  Donations were down for this sale but usually there are lots more books on hand to sell.  Friends Only night was also down in attendance.  Membership is only at about 50 at the moment though the email list has about 240 names.  A separate email or flyer for the Friends ice cream social (A Delicious Time to Become a Member) was mentioned.  A final comment on this sale was that it was easier for the cashiers to sell by the pound.  Thoughts on a holiday book sale:  not always do one, but all agreed on the need to hold it in the community room rather than the small committee room.  Dec. 2 as a possible date, with Friends coming an hour early for coffee and donuts.

8. New business.

Koko proposed a new Bissell vacuum cleaner for $50 for cleaning other areas of the library other than the community room.  No action was taken.

Bylaws review/legality for Friends, if desired, to make a payment towards the library bonds.  Silvia passed out the latest bylaws for all of us to study and talk about at the next meeting vis-a-vis bond debt reduction.

9. Adjourn at 7:55 p.m.   Next meeting:  Sept. 11th (Labor Day falls on the first Monday of September and no meetings are held at that time.)