Minutes – December 6, 2022

(As submitted)

Library Conference Room
4 pm

Members present: Anne Benson, Jared Boudreaux, Miriam Dunbar, Tulli Kerstetter, Laurie Webster, Tova Spector.

1. Call to order at 4:05 pm

2. Minutes from November meeting as emailed – Anne moved to approve the minutes and Miriam seconded. All approved

3. Guest requests – none

4. Proxy/e-mail votes – none

5. Correspondence – none

6. Financial report – Laurie reported no interest on savings balance of $4226.13. Checking account deposits were for three online book sales (October and November), donation box, in-library book sales, and hats, which swelled the coffers to $8872.11. Total accounts balance at the end of November was $13,098.24. The holiday book sale netted $201.55, which will show up in December’s report. Anne moved to approve the financial report and Tulli seconded. All approved.

7. Library Director’s report – Jared reported that annual appeal letters are about to go out (the bill for same will go directly to Friends). Kathy Graf is resigning this year, but her cataloging/wrapping duties may be done elsewhere for a nominal fee, saving the library some money in the long run. The library’s Lego team won first place in innovation and 2nd overall, and will compete in a state competition in Denver this coming Saturday (the 10th). Many generous people have come forward with donations toward hotel and other costs for the contestants. The Friday Children’s program and other issues are to be discussed in meetings with local partners to plan for the future. The new Epson patron printer is having a host of problems, which may necessitate an exchange (still under warranty). Exterior lights are being replaced with LEDs. Finally, Jared voiced a few requests from Friends as follows: A display case for various items of interest to the community, three new chairs around the fireplace, and replacing some staff office chairs (at least four need replacement). All the above requests would probably be about the same in terms of cost (ca $1000-$1500 for each project). The glass-fronted display case probably would go in the community room. After Friends went into the library and looked at the three chairs by the fireplace, however, they proposed a good cleaning as a first step, as the upholstery was still satisfactory. Jared will research costs for said cleaning as well as estimates for the display case and some staff office chairs.

8. Book Maven report – Miriam reported that she is pretty well caught up on sorting books at the moment.

Holiday Book Sale – The sales goal was around $200, which was met (see above under Financial Report). Miriam typed up a list of steps (see attached) needed to enact a future book sale. Among her recommendations were: $50 worth of change is enough, only sell books at $1 per pound rather than including the per-bag sales of the Friends book sale during Mancos Days. Tulli suggested that the signs set out to announce same are really not very visible from the streets, and she volunteered to make new signs.

9. Old business – The bill on one of the Friends sale hats had separated from the cap, but Miriam repaired it. She suggested selling it for $15 instead of $20. All agreed.

10. New business – The 2023 Friends annual Valentine’s bake sale was scheduled for Valentine’s Day for the community room, which had been previously reserved by another party, but Jared feels that the prior reservation would vacate so Friends can
have their bake sale.

Jared announced that the library was having its Christmas party Friday at 5 p.m. on the 16th. It will be potluck if anyone wants to bring something.

11. Adjourn at 4:50 pm

Next meeting: January 3, 2023 – by the fireplace in the library

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