Minutes – December 7, 2015

(as submitted)

Members Present: Tulli Kerstetter, Amy Welden , Carolyn Smith, Silvia Fleitz, Lee Hallberg, Laurie Webster

I. Call to Order: by Carolyn at 7:02 pm

ll. Place conference call to John at EveryLibrary.Org. (Eastern time) This was postponed until Jan 4th meeting at 7:00 pm due to John having a delayed flight.

lII. Proxies: None
A. Electronic votes: none

IV. Minutes of previous meeting: approved as read

V. Correspondence: there was an email regarding unclaimed funds with the state but Laurie could not access any information on this. Gene Hainer, the State Librarian/Assistant Commissioner of Education had notified us that we may have unclaimed funds. Lee will look into this further. We had quite a few new/renewed memberships come in from the Fundraising mailer.

Vl. Financial report: presented by Laurie. Total balance all accounts is $1010.46. See report here. Report approved as read.

VIl. Librarian’s report: Presented by Lee. See the full report here. We have had a very good response so far to the annual fundraising mailer.

VIIl. Projects Summary:

A. Stanton Englehart sales: sales have been slow this winter.
B. Library Book Bags: we have sold one since the last meeting.

lX. Old Business

A. landscaping update: the only current project will be snow shoveling.

B. donor bench/table: Lee has not yet been able to find a local metal worker to make a table. Lee will start looking on line at just a plaque and maybe go to a higher price if the table is needed.

X. New Business
A. End of the year donations update: about 2500 mailings went out. To date almost $1500 has come in.
B. Early plans for bake sale – Feb.14 is on Sunday in 2016. We are leaning towards having the sale on Saturday Feb 13th while the library is open.

XI. Adjournment: at 7:54 pm. Our next meeting will be January 4, 2015 at 7 pm at the library. All are welcome!