Minutes – February 1, 2016

(as submitted)

Members Present: Silvia Fleitz, Dana Petersen, Carolyn Smith, Tulli Kerstetter, Lee Hallberg

I.     Call to Order: by Carolyn 7:01pm

II.    Minutes of previous meeting: approved as read.

III.  Proxie Votes: none

IV.    Correspondence: none

V.     Financial report: emailed by Laurie. The Dec and Jan reports were reviewed. Total balance all accounts is $3634.48. Approved as read. See full report here.

VIl.    Librarian’s report: The year end mailing has generated over $13,000 to date. The Mill Levy committee has formed and had their first meeting. The library will have to stop taking book donations until we have a spring book sale. They library is applying for 501C3 status to help secure grant funding. A committee is meeting for planning for the Mancos Half Marathon which will be held on June 25th and will benefit the library. See full report here.

VIIl.     Projects Summary:

A.  Stanton Englehart note card sales: Carolyn spoke with the bakery about moving our cards to a more visible location.

B.  Library Book Bags: A few have sold. We will give some away with larger purchases at the book sale.

lX.    Old Business

A. donor bench/ table/ wall plaque: Nothing new since last meeting.

X.    New Business

A.   End of the year donations update: the Friends have received about $2290 in memberships and donations from the year end appeal.

B.   Thoughts on the conference call with John at January meeting / Mill                             Levy additional information: Lee reports that the Friends will be contacted for help with volunteer activities and financial requests.

C.   Plans for bake sale – Feb. 13th The sale will run from 8am to 3pm. Set up will begin on Fri Feb 12 3-5pm. We will organize and price items in the Sustainability room as the meeting room will be occupied.

D.   Spring book sale – April 2nd

E.   Funds request – Mancos Public Library Vote Yes! Committee donation, motion passed.

XI. Adjourn at 7:50 pm       Next meeting: March 7,  2016