Minutes – February 1, 2021

February 1, 2021, 4 pm
Covid-19 Pandemic Meeting
Virtual, via Zoom

(as submitted)

Members present: Lee Hallberg, Tulli Kerstetter, Miriam Dunbar, Anne Benson, Holly Cruser, Laurie Webster, Ilga Vise, Koko Smith, Silvia Fleitz

1. Call to order at 4:04 p.m.

2. Minutes from January meeting – The Librarian’s report concerning heaters and tarps was amended to read: “Four infrared heaters have been received for the patio and will be installed in the next couple of days; they are remote-controlled and will remain on during business hours only. Also heat-reflecting tarps will be installed across the front of the building to keep the heat from the infrared heaters close to the building.” Motion to approve minutes as amended was made by Laurie and seconded by Miriam. All approve.

3. Guest requests – Holly Cruser, curious about Friends’ fundraising efforts during the pandemic, attends this meeting.

4. Proxy/e-mail votes – none

5. Correspondence – none

6. Financial report – Laurie reported a good financial month for Friends in January with deposits for donations and memberships, and a payment from Absolute Books (from March) for book purchases. Savings total is $4222.64, checking balance of $8620.27, for a total balance of $12,842.91. Motion to approve the financial report was made by Tulli and seconded by Amy. All approved.

7. Library Director’s report (oral) – Lee stated he had made a presentation to the school district on January 18, which resulted in the library now being the official library for middle and high school students. This official status will open up opportunities for funding as a school library to act as a resource for students as follows: to increase services for the school, create a book drop on school grounds, solicit direct contact with school faculty for obtaining better materials for the students, elicit student needs directly from the students themselves, additional after-school support, and additional state-of-the-art technology and instruction for student use at the library. Lee did not ask for funding from the schools because the library will have a better chance of obtaining grants for school libraries without school funding. Lee is hoping to get the first grants this coming summer for next fall’s school year.
The library will remain closed until the county sees a flattening or decline in local Covid cases. Although not requiring any staff to get vaccinated, he is encouraging them to do so. The public service sector is the next industry scheduled for vaccination.
Heaters and tarps are now up; heaters are turned on every morning around 9 and shut down at closing. Tarps make a big difference blocking wind and reflecting the heat.
The year-end annual funds appeal was terrific, bringing in over $10,000, plus donations for MFOL which Laurie has yet to pick up.
The annual Half Marathon is on track for this year, though the date is undecided because there is no race director as yet. Lee is asking for names of who might want the job (all of the race planning and interaction with committees, soliciting funds, promotion and advertising, $25/hr.). Lee is advertising for the position locally. Shaine Gans has done it before and may be persuaded to do it again.

8. Old business

Bylaws adjustment. The change to the bylaws concerning duties of the Executive Committee members (Article III) was read into the record by Anne (see revised bylaws attached). Tulli moved to approve the changes, which was seconded by Miriam. All approved.
The revised bylaws are effective today, February 1, 2021.

10. New business

Fundraising in 2021 starting with:
Virtual Valentine’s Membership drive / ‘Bake Sale’. Holly asked about this process and was told that all it is is a list of recipes along with a membership drive letter in lieu of the membership drive as part of the Valentine’s Bake Sale. Should Friends host a drive-through bake sale like the Girl Scouts have done? Friends decided not. Holly is willing to donate a recipe. Another suggestion was to give out the “sweets” books stored in the Zircon. Other fundraisers such as Mancos Days now a “solid maybe”, as are all fundraisers at this point. Silvia will help Anne develop a membership drive letter to substitute for the February bake sale.

Bank signatory resolution— Treasurer, President, 1st Vice President must go to the bank to fill out signature forms to be approved as signatories on the Friends bank accounts. Anne read the resolution (see attached). Motion to adopt the resolution was made by Ilga and seconded by Tulli. All approved.

11. Adjourn at 4:47 p.m.

Next meeting: March 1, 2021

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