Minutes – February 3, 2014

(as submitted)

February 3, 2014

Members Present: Bob Seney, Lee Hallberg, Lee Wilson, Carolyn Smith, Dana Petersen, Silvia Fleitz

I. Call to order: At 7:08 p.m.

II. Report of Proxies: none

III. Minutes of previous meeting: the Jan 2014 minutes were approved as read.

IV. Confirmations of electronic votes/communications: None

V. Correspondence: none

VI. Financial report: Laurie Webster is out of town and will present financial report at the next meeting.

VII. Librarian’s report: Lee Hallberg reported that the response to the fundraising mailer has brought in $15,190 in donations to the library thus far. Strategic planning and formation of a committee for a mill levy ballot initiative are ongoing and volunteers are needed for this. See attached report for additional information.

VIII. Projects Summary

a. Stanton Englehart cards sales: Silvia went to the Anasazi Heritage Center and retrieved the remaining posters as AHC did not want to continue selling those. AHC will continue to sell the note cards until they are gone and then let us know if they would like more. Lee Wilson suggested putting our cards in the Absolute Bakery in their new room which has Englehart artwork on the walls. She will follow up on this.

b. Report on Search for the sculpture rock: Dana talked to Marilyn Kroeker and she will have to revisit the cost of the sculpture due to cost of copper. It was previously in the $400 range. Marilyn wants a rock that is sandstone standing on end 35 inches high from the ground with a flat front on which to mount the sculpture. Lee Wilson may have a lead on a rock.

c. Report on Review Book processing: Linda Bellush has been out of town but has returned and will continue to manage our book sale shelf. Lee Wilson pointed out that our website needs to be changed to reflect that we are not receiving book donations on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays as before but to drop off books with the library staff and call ahead if it is a large donation. Dana will take care of this.

IX. Old Business

a. By-Laws Revision: Bob has finished typing the revisions that were previously voted on and copies were handed out.

X. New Business

a. Bob: Meeting with Lee Hallberg, Library Director: Currently there are no plans for big fundraising projects involving the Friends. However, Friends help is requested for the mill levy and strategic planning. It was brought up that the Friends might want to do a separate fundraising mailing from the library and at a different time of year. The library is considering doing a summer mailing as well.

b. Staff requests for funding from the Friends: They are requesting $100 for a solar light for the flagpole so they do not have to put the flag up and down every day. A motion was made and passed to that effect. They are requesting $400 for a people counter to provide a more accurate count of library attendees for grant applications. A motion was made and passed to that effect as well. Lee Hallberg will bring a final bill to Laurie for reimbursement.

XI. Plan Valentine’s Bake Sale: Silvia will do an email asking for volunteers to set up, run, and tear down the sale, and to drop off bake sale items on Thurs 2/13 between 1-7pm or in the morning prior to the sale. Silvia will ask Gwen to do a sign up sheet for volunteers. Dana will do PSA’s to radio, newspaper and web. Bob suggested advertising on the new 4 Corners TV website. Silvia will email a flyer to the library to be printed. Lee Hallberg will distribute flyers in Mancos, Silvia in Cortez, Dana in Durango. Dana will ask FCR to donate a jug of coffee for donations during the sale. During set up on Thurs we will assess what we need as far as plates, plastic bags, and other supplies. Laurie will provide cash box. Dana will provide updated membership list and volunteers will ask if people have renewed their Friends membership for 2014 during the sale. Bob would like us to have a check list for procedures for running the bake sale in the future.

XII. Next Meeting Date: Monday March 10th at 7pm due to Southwest Colorado Concert Series presenting Charlie Albright, young pianist, in Cortez on Monday March 3rd and several of our officers and members will be attending.

XIII. Adjourn: at 7:55 pm.

Librarian’s Report

• Mailing responses still coming in, to date $15,190 in donations to the library (including $5,000 donation).

• Strategic Plan scheduled for week of Feb. 24:

• Feb. 24 – Focus Group (time TBD) w/ State Library representatives

• Feb. 25 – Staff planning session (AM); Task Force finalizes draft for Board (PM)

• Feb. 27 – Task Force presents draft to Board, feedback

• Week of March 3-7 – Task Force revises draft, final presented to the community.

• Mil Levy committee will be convening this month to begin work on a ballot initiative for November, FOL members are encouraged to be involved. More support from the Friends may be requested in coming months.

• 2 requests for this month:

• Solar Flagpole Light (Approximately $100)

• People counter (Up to $400)