Minutes – February 3, 2020

(as submitted)

Members present: Anne, Koko, Lee, Tulli, Miriam, Silvia

1. Call to order at 7 p.m., with a quorum of three officers and two members.

2. Minutes from January meeting — approved as emailed.

3. Guest requests — none

4. Proxy/e-mail votes — none

5. Correspondence — Note to Koko from Kim Cox thanking her for setting
MFOL up as a sponsor for the Half Marathon.

6. Financial report — Laurie emailed the report for January in her absence. Donations are still coming in from the year-end annual appeal. Deposit of membership renewals and new memberships of $865, with $130 from donation box and in-library book sales (see Report for details). Total balance as of the end of January is $6856.28. The financial report was approved.

7. Librarian report — Aside from the written report, Lee stated that the library is about to receive a bequest (as yet unannounced to the public) from Joe Arado for $100,000. The Library Board will determine where the funds will be directed. With respect to the regular librarian’s report, Lee stated that the annual year-end appeal has raised about $9500 so far for the library (similar to prior years). In other matters, libraries countrywide are going to be involved with helping people complete the census online. Lee noted that the community receives $2300 for every local person who completes the census. Finally, along with the various programs upcoming (see Report for details), a new website redone by Dana should be up and running as of this date.

8. Membership report — In Amy’s absence, Anne reported to the board that tax letters and thank you’s were sent out to those who donated over $50 (21 people, a 50% increase from last year). Currently there are 94 paid members, an increase of 10 over last year.

9. Old business

Hats/buttons — what to do with them? Tulli brought the eight hats that have been embroidered with the logo. The two black hats that were originally included in the order have not yet arrived and she suggested not ordering them again as they obviously take too long to arrive. The board agreed on substituting yellow for black in future if sales require another run. A suggested price of $20 was agreed on, and Friends can start selling them at the bake sale on the 14th. Does Friends have to collect sales tax? Lee will check with the Town administrator. Tulli will make a color chart available for any prospective purchaser who might wish to order a hat of a different color. However, since Friends will be selling the hats instead of using them as identifiers during Friends functions, name tags with the Friends logo were suggested. Lee will have them made up.

Valentine‚Äôs Day Bake Sale — Silvia suggested just using bulk email and social media to announce the sale rather than calling individuals as in the past. Anne will do the bulk email and has already made up flyers. Silvia will do reminders, psa’s in newspaper and radio, and the signup sheet for volunteers in the library. The sale will commence on Friday the 14th from 8 to 4, but setup 5-7 the day before may not be possible because the community room and the small meeting room have both been reserved for the 13th. The staff room may have to suffice for early donations, and setup only on Friday right before the sale. Emphasis at the sale should be on renewing memberships.

10. New business

Zircon clean-out — Wait til spring and work with Ryan at that time.
Other: have a spring book sale. In April? All agreed, with date/time tba.

11. Adjourn at 8 p.m.

Next meeting: March 2, 2020

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