Minutes – February 4, 2013

(as submitted)

February 4, 2013

Members Present: Lee Hallberg, Laurie Webster, Lee Wilson, Bob Seney, Silvia Fleitz, Linda Bellush.

1. Call to order: Bob at 7:10pm as Linda was running late.

2. Proxies: None

3. Minutes of previous meeting: approved as written.

4. Correspondence: none

5. Financial report: presented by Laurie Webster. See attached report. Total balance $6430.42. Approved as presented. Laurie reported that one key to the safety deposit box has been found and that it has quite a lot of papers in it including founding documents. Currently the bank is not charging FOL for the box so we will keep it for now. Also noted was that we brought in at least 39 new memberships for at least $1330 from the fundraising mailer that the library sent out for which FOL paid the expenses. Silvia will update the membership list.

6. Librarian’s report: see below.

7. Old business

a. Holiday book sale earnings: we made $425.25 in book sales and $70 in memberships.

b. Outlets for selling Englehart cards/posters: Silvia and Gwen will check with Pioneer Printing r.e. printing costs for more cards. Laurie will follow up with Edge of the Cedars Museum r.e. selling cards. Silvia will follow up with Anasazi Heritage Center r.e. upcoming Englehart exhibit and selling cards/posters there. It was discussed that we need to print up labels to put on the back of card packages and some posters. Lee H. and Silvia can work on this.

8. New Business

a. Valentine’s day bake sale: Silvia will continue with PR, membership list. Gwen will do a sign up sheet for volunteers. Laurie will provide a cash box. Bob will update the call list and Julia Whelihan, Silvia, and Jean Ernst will call for bakers.

b. Book Sale and High Tea: a tentative date was set for April 26th-27th for a Friends Only High Tea on Fri afternoon with book sale continuing on Sat.

9. Miscellaneous Business: Our website page is in desperate need of updating.

10. Adjournment – at 8:07pm. Next meeting will be March 4th at 7 pm at the library.

Librarian’s report – 2/4/13

Fundraising mailing was a big success for the library and pushed us over the 2012 goal – so far over $7,500 donated, and they are still trickling in. A 5% response is average benchmark for a fundraising mailing, our response = 4.8%.

Computer match was met, $1400 total donated (should be able to build 4 P.C.’s).

Library to receive eRate reimbursement of $2,247.07 for 2012 & credit of $3,500 from Empire Electric for 2012 savings.

All regular programs back in full swing after holiday break, Kate will be starting visits to Headstart & new preschool soon.

Planning for 2013, goals that may need FOL $ assistance include:

-Secure affordable downloadable service.

-Improve library signage.

-Replace all public computers with P.C.’s.

-Develop Spanish community connection – Outreach Coordinator and collection.

Shelving committee continues to make changes, recently disassembled movie rack & assembled a free-standing shelf in its place. More to come!

Antique firearms discussion continues w/ Board.

Thank you all for your help & support in 2012!