Minutes – February 5, 2018

(as submitted)

Members Present: Amy Welden, Lee Hallberg, Koko Smith, Tulli Kerstetter, Silvia Fleitz

I. Call to Order: 7:05 PM

2. Minutes of previous meeting approved as sent out electronically to board members.

3. Proxy votes.  None required.

4. Correspondence – Lee noted that some donations are still coming in from the appeal sent out before Thanksgiving.

5. Financial report – No report due to Laurie’s absence.

6. Librarian’s report – (See report for complete details).  June 23rd is set for the Half Marathon. A new feature will be a team challenge, with up to 5 individuals per team, in order to increase participation.

The annual  appeal brought in a large sum, over $13,000, even with less time involved due to clearing out of old addresses this past year.  Also there was more money received due to increased county vehicle registrations and other license types, bringing in $38,000.

The expenses that are up for 2018 are mainly from the new wage laws and reduced property tax assessments ($6000 decrease) due to the Gallagher Law in Colorado.

Finally, Lee reported that a full financial audit will be undertaken this year costing $5000 to make sure all mill levy and refinancing systems are in good order.

7. Old business

Englehart cards – Two sets of cards were sold for $24, with 5 packs still at ABC.

Donor table plaque plans.   Brad Goodell has the donor list, and Silvia is waiting for his estimate on the cost of the plaque.  She stated that it should be completed by spring and attached to the table on library grounds.

A matter not on the agenda were the bylaws Silvia sent out the weekend preceding the meeting.  The Friends board may need to look over them and then vote on their acceptance at the next meeting.  There may be a problem with Laurie serving longer than this year as treasurer under the bylaws, which needs to be addressed by the Board.

Amy suggested that a report on memberships should be a regular agenda feature to keep the Board informed.

8. New business

February bake sale plans for Feb. 14th (on a Wed.) sign ups, set ups, and clean up.  The three women who regularly call prospective bakers are willing to do so again this year.  Silvia suggested there may be a need to update the list of willing bakers next year. Signup sheets for setup, etc., as usual at the front desk.  Flyers need to be up soon. Donations will be taken, as usual, the day before and placed in the little conference room. Setup will commence at 7:30, purchases begin at 8 and continue to 4, then half price at a table by the circ. desk.

9. Adjourned at 7:47 PM.

Next meeting: Mar. 5th.