Minutes – January 3, 2023

(As submitted)

Zoom, 4 pm

Members present virtually: Tulli Kerstetter, Anne Benson, Jared Boudreaux, Miriam Dunbar, Amy Welden, Ilga Vise, Laurie Webster, Silvia Fleitz, Cathy Seibert, Alice Gausch, Tova Spector, Earlene Swann

1. Call to order at 4:05 pm

2. Minutes from December meeting as emailed – Laurie moved to approve the minutes and Miriam seconded. All approved.

3. Guest requests — None

4. Proxy/e-mail votes — see below

Additional funds for year-end letters – Executive Board members approved additional funds for year-end letters on Dec. 21st via email for a total of $3180.57. Anne, Laurie, Tulli, and Cathy approved. Laurie sent the check to Brand Central.

5. Correspondence – Some checks (see below).

6. Financial report — Friends received 85 cents in interest for the quarter on savings of $4226.98. Checking deposits were: $8.55 from Amazon Smile, $196.55 for the Christmas book sale plus $50 cash advance, $1000 donation from Ilga Vise, $100 donation from Turn to the Wonderful, $500 donation from Dana Serge, $450 in memberships, $29 in-library book sales, $21.60 donation box and $5 additional payment from the Christmas book sale. Laurie reimbursed Anne for $15.16 for shipping three books from Amazon book sales. There is now $8035.08 in checking, with a total balance of $12,262.06. Laurie read out the letter that accompanied the Turn to the Wonderful Fund donation, a donor-advised fund from Fidelity Charitable (see attached). Jared said they have gotten donations from Fidelity. Tulli moved to approve the financial report and Cathy seconded. All approved.

7. Library Director’s report – Jared had no physical report prepared but made the following comments: Not much going on at the library at the present time except getting finances in order and last-minute book orders; no quotes from prior meeting requests as yet; more issues with the heating system; Baker and Taylor will be doing most of the cataloging rather than hiring someone to replace Kathy but the library will be doing the finishing; trying to get Linda McGarvy off subbing; sorting books will be shared for now among staff until a person is designated for same. Additionally, there is restructuring and rescheduling going on with some items and programs based on community polling (more than 30 responses received). Jared hopes to have an ad plan in place to announce any new programs. Ryan knows someone who could clean the chairs by the fireplace (discussed at last month’s meeting). January staff reviews will address who might want a different office chair (discussed at last month’s meeting). By next meeting he should have some quotes for the funding requests he made at the December meeting (see December meeting minutes for details).

8. Book Maven report – Miriam reported that she sent Canyon City Correctional Facility some books that they requested from the library. She has moved music CDs to the free shelf as there is an over-abundance of same, with more DVDs moved to the sale shelf. Tulli volunteered to help with book sorting and the book sale shelf in the library while Miriam is gone til Feb. 20.

9. Old business — none

10. New business – Anne is reworking the Friends website with help from Kira.
Amy noted that Englehart cards are not at the Friends corner in the library. Anne thought they may be in the Zircon or in community room closet. She will check.
Anne wonders if she could get a spare key for the Zircon, and Jared agreed. Miriam suggests making extra copies, as she needs access to the Zircon as well.
Valentine’s Day Bake Sale – Heads Up. Community Room is reserved for Feb. 14., 8-4. A volunteer list for workers will again be posted at the library desk. Since the small conference room is already taken, Jared will find space elsewhere for early bakery deliveries or move those who reserved the room to another spot. Email and Facebook will be the main ways to get ahold of bakers. Tulli asked Silvia about the old call list and she felt that was not the best use of time unless someone wanted to make up a new one. Posters promoting the sale will also be printed for distribution. Valentine’s decorations are in the Zircon. Only one sandwich board references the bake sale (as opposed to the book sales). Tulli suggested that items should have ingredients listed. Membership list will be made available along with expiration dates – people do re-up at the bake sale. Anne needs names of new members for emails.

11. Adjourn at 4:40 p.m.

Next meeting: February 7, 2023 – Conference Room