Minutes – January 6, 2014

(as submitted)

January 6, 2014

Members Present: Lee Wilson, Lee Hallberg, Dana Petersen, Silvia Fleitz, Carolyn Smith

I.    Call to order: At 7:10 p.m by Lee Wilson.

II.     Report of Proxies: Bob Seney to Silvia Fleitz

III.    Minutes of previous meeting: December 2, 2013, approved as read.

IV.    Confirmations of electronic votes/communications:
a.    E-vote on paying for printing costs in the amount of $1063 for Library Fund Drive mailing: Passed unanimously.
b.    First Reading on By Laws Revision was published by email, so that vote could be taken at this meeting.

V.    Correspondence: none.

VI.     Financial report: see attached. Laurie is out of town. She forwarded financial reports to officers. The total balance is $4,172.01. Approved as read.

Financial report through November/December 2013

VII.    Librarian’s report: see attached for additional details. The mailing response has already garnered just under $10,000. Work on the 3-year strategic plan continues. The library 2014 budget has been approved, copies are available in the library.

VIII.    Projects Summary
a.    Stanton Englehart cards sales at AHC: Silvia has not yet gotten in touch with the gift shop regarding whether they want to continue sales even though the Englehart exhibit has ended.
b.    Report on Search for the sculpture rock: Laurie Webster has a possible rock at her property but she is currently out of town. It has also been suggested that a rock wall could be built for the sculpture as was done for the naming bricks.
c.    Report on review Book Donations processing: Lee H. spoke with Linda Bellush and she confirmed that she will continue to be in charge of book donations, including storage and the sale and free book shelves, and other volunteers will be called as necessary.

IX.    Old Business
a.    Vote on By-Laws Revision: Members present reviewed the document, primarily the changes to the office of 2nd Vice President and Secretary, made a couple of corrections and then approved the revisions.

X.    New Business
a.    Plan Annual Valentine’s Day Bake Sale and Membership Drive: Set up will run from 1-5pm on Thurs 2/13. The sale will run from 8am to 5pm on 2/14. Silvia will contact Jean Ernst and Julia Whelihan to see if they will call for bakers as before, and contact Gwen Hawkins to see if she will do a volunteer sign up sheet. Silvia has the flyer from last year, will update and send to Lee Hallberg to print. We will want to purchase some flowers, have a membership list ready to update, a card table, some music, coffee.
b.    Bob: Meeting with Lee Hallberg.  A monthly meeting is planned before each meeting between the President and Library Director to insure communication and to inform Friends of any needs, issues, etc. They met on Jan. 3rd and discussed streamlining scheduling of events and activities for both the Friends and the library this year.

XI.    Adjourn: 8:55 pm. Next meeting will be held Monday Feb 3rd at 7 pm at the library.

Librarian’s Report – 1/6/14

  • Mailing response has been great, so far just under $10,000 in donations to the library.
  • Will be working on a new 3-year strategic plan, facilitators from State library will be here week of Feb. 24.  If you haven’t completed a survey yet, please do!
  • 2014 Budget approved, copies available for public review at circ desk and in lobby.
  • New Userful computers have been working well after ironing out a few bugs.
  • Re-barcoding of items still in process, always looking for additional volunteers.
  • Thank you for all your hard work, we’re looking forward to a great 2014!
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