Minutes – January 8, 2018

(as submitted)

Present:  Laurie Webster, Anne Benson, Koko Smith, Tulli Kerstetter, Joan Brindamour, Dana Petersen, Amy Welden

I.   Call to Order:  7:04 p.m.

2.  Minutes of previous meeting – approved as sent out to all members

3.  Proxy votes –  none

4.  Correspondence. Laurie received a flyer from the Association of Fundraising Professionals, asking whether Friends wanted to join.  The Board showed no interest.

5.  Financial report.  Deposits from the following:  Amazon Smile, book sales, a single Friends membership renewal, Englehart cards, membership from year-end mailing.  Total balance for December 2017: $8624.01.  There is an additional $250 Laurie just received that had not been deposited.  It was noted that the year-end mailing costs for Friends was not totally recovered by receipts from members but that the library itself received generous funding from the mailing.  One of the reasons why Friends has a rather large ending balance in 2017 was due to more library programs being funded by grants than previously.

The financial report was accepted as read.

6. Librarian’s report (Lee was not in attendance due to illness)

7.  Old business

Englehart cards — total sold of $72 (see financial statement)

Donor table plaque plans – tabled due to Silvia’s absence.

Dec. book sale – $$Total, suggestions for 2018.  Any thoughts to make the sales better?  A total of $264.55 was collected from the Christmas book sale.  Joan thought we could do specialty type presentations of better books with some book-related attachments for Christmas gifts in baskets (i.e., cookbooks with cooking spoons, kids books with a toy, etc.).  Friends will explore this idea throughout 2018.

On another old business matter, Koko did write a letter to Linda Simmons about Friends declining to help with Historical Society Follies.  The Board was also informed that since no other group has stepped forward to help the Historical Society, the Follies have been cancelled for this year.

8. New business

February bake sale plans Feb. 14th on a Wed.   Silvia will set out the usual signup sheets.  Dana suggested holding the sale at the community center since other organizations had already reserved the community room at the library.  The P&D foyer was also suggested as a venue.  Koko countered that maybe next year the bake sale could be at another venue if needed but this year Friends needs those memberships and pledges, and the public will probably expect the bake sale to be at the library as usual  Setup for the sale is from 8-10 Wed. morning, with the sale from 10-4, and a half price sale after 4 in the library proper.

9. Adjourn at 7:43 pm.   Next meeting: Feb. 5.