Minutes – January 9, 2017

Members Present: Koko Smith, Lee Hallberg, Dana Petersen, Tulli Kerstetter, Laurie Webster

I.   Call to Order:  7:08 p.m.

II.   Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

IV.   Proxy Votes–none

V.    Correspondence

Laurie stated that a letter from the Mancos Vote Yes Committe was received announcing that the Committee was sending back to Friends the remainder of funds appropriated to them for the mill levy vote, which amounts to $1154.70.  This amount will show up on next month’s financial statement.

VI.   Financial report (revised)

Balances for December 2016: $256.83 in savings and $5498.43 in checking, for a total of $5755.26.  Specific deposits and withdrawals are listed on Laurie’s Revised December 2016 statement.  Purchase of the donor picnic table was made on the Friends credit card.

The revised financial statement was approved via email in the week following our monthly meeting.

VII   Librarian’s report

Lee reported that money from passage of the mill levy will start rolling in this year (8 mills instead of 6 mills).  Problems with the heating system for the library are getting solved (a CO² sensor has not been functioning properly).  Planning for the 2017 Mancos Cowboy Half Marathon is well underway, and the library will be asking for funds from Friends to help with food and soliciting donations from some businesses.  Friends now has a good idea of what is required of them to man the food tent for the runners.

Celeste’s landscaping charges of $1200 will be presented to Friends for payment.  The donor picnic table was delivered and is now being stored with Tulli.  Lee asks that no more book donations be accepted until before the next book sale, as there are no more places to store them. Barbara Rousseau has joined the team as the new trainee through the Senior Employment Program, and Shari Dunn has several adult programs coming up.

Even though the library will be recieving more funds due to the mill levy increase, there will still be a need for the annual fundraising at the end of the year and the membership drive, both of which weren’t done this year because of the mill levy (may need to be addressed on the next agenda).

VIII    Old Business

Englehart cards — no update.  Laurie said they are displayed at Absolute Bakery in a good visual location.

IX.    New Business

a. February bake sale (Feb. 14  is a Tuesday.) — Friends agreed to keep the Valentine’s date and the actual sale to be held from 10-4, with setup from 8-10; pricing on Monday evening of baked goods.  Silvia has the flyers and call list.

b. book storage — Lee is still checking places out.

c. donor bench update — picnic table to be installed in the spring

X.   Adjourned at 7:45.       Next meeting: Feb.6, 2017