Minutes – July 1, 2019

(as submitted)

Members present: Lee, Koko, Anne, Silvia, Amy, Tulli, Joan, Laurie

1. Call to order 7 pm

2. Minutes from June meeting approved as emailed.

3. Guest requests – none

4. Proxy/e-mail votes -none

5. Correspondence – none

6. Financial report  -as submitted – (see report for details) Disbursements consisted of honoraria for Benton Yazzie’s lecture and workshop, reimbursement to Anne for Friends’ Half Marathon canopy, $100 to Holly Cruser for the daylily/iris plant sale. Thanks to Holly, Friends banked about $600 from the sale. Koko volunteered to send Holly a thank you note. The year’s post office box fee of $46 was also paid. Income during June came from $300 in donations, an Amazon Smile credit, and savings account interest. Total balance as of the end of June is $8074.

7. Librarian’s report — (see report for details) Lee reported that the summer reading program is halfway to meeting a goal of 500 books read through July. The deadline for items donated to the silent auction at Outlier Cellars to aid the library is July 25. Gift certificates make a good donation. The library is now involved as a host for Mancos Food Pantry; donations to same can be items (toothpaste, etc.) as well as nonperishable food. The half marathon was a huge success, and results are still being tallied and will be announced at the next meeting. Lee requested that Friends pay for a personal strengths meeting (SDI program), consisting of a one-day session for library staff at Hesperus Camp, Tuesday, July 30. Total cost: $1570. Amy asked whether the library could contribute some funds for this, and Laurie suggested Friends pay the actual training fee of $1320 and the library pick up the tab for facilities and food of $250. Koko’s motion for this split in funding was approved.

8. Old business

Jersey Jim review — Silvia had the winning bid this year of $111 to celebrate her birthday on July 13. The lower winning amount may have been due to the absence of bidders from Durango.
Half Marathon Food Booth review — Because there were more runners this year, Friends ran out of food, especially watermelon, salty snacks, bananas, and cookies. Muffin cups or small paper cups were suggested for the salty snacks. Amy commented that many people are allergic to peanuts and peanut essences so maybe Friends would pass on peanuts from now on. All agreed that storage of a kit of items for ensuing marathons is preferable to individuals bringing them from home. The toolkit would include knives (Tulli will procure), cutting boards (Silvia will donate), towels, paper cups, gallon Ziplock bags, serving trays, bowls, etc.
Storage shed for snowblower and gasoline — Lee reported that a prefab shed would not be able to be erected behind the library, but a prefab in pieces could be put together on site. Lee will ask Ryan Borchers to give the library a bid for putting the pieces together. A 10×12 kit for about $2000, mouse-proofed, is feasible and will be on rails to avoid requiring a building permit. Dirt and gravel need to be brought in, adding to the cost, so Lee estimates around $3000 for the total project. Friends await a final estimate to be discussed at future meetings.
Replacement donor plaque cost & installation location — Silvia talked with Brad Goodell’s wife Maggie about a plaque of some sort on the wall instead of the picnic table. Since a plaque cannot be attached to the brick wall, it was suggested that something be erected in the span between existing wooden posts, where it would be in line of site for video surveillance. Brad would only charge for materials. The project will be discussed at future meetings.

9. New business

Library building 10-year anniversary — The five-year anniversary event consisted of a musical fete inside the library where cake was served. Since the Lindells owe the library a gig, Lee will see when they are available on a future Saturday night, or maybe late afternoon, for a similar fete to celebrate ten years at the present location.
Mancos Days book sale (July 25, 26, 27) — The Social and pre-sale for Friends members will take place on Thursday the 25th, 5:30-7:30, with the regular sale Friday 10-5 and Saturday 11-3. Joan volunteered to make up flyers. Setup will take place from noon to 4 on Thursday. Silvia will handle PSAs and signup sheets and will approach Moose and More again for the ice cream. Koko volunteered to provide music for the social. Laurie will leave the cash box at the usual place for sale volunteers in her absence.
Friends’ Corner – poster, trifold w/member form, history, donation box, ? — All complimented Anne and Amy on the poster for the Friends’ corner in the library. There is to be further discussion on this issue in subsequent meetings.
Logo — tabled.

10. Adjourn at 8:17.

Next meeting: August 5, 2019