Minutes – July 2, 2018

(as submitted)

Members present: Tulli Kerstetter, Koko Smith, Anne Benson, Dana Petersen, Joan Brind’amour, Laurie Webster, Amy Welden, Silvia Fleitz

1. Call to order — 7 pm

2. Minutes from previous meeting —  Approved as emailed.

3. Proxy votes — none

4. Correspondence — Laurie reported that she had received a letter from Dolores State Bank changing the account number of our savings account (to separate it from checking).

5. Financial report — (See report for details).  Total balance as of the end of June is $9287.67; $256.98 in savings and $9030.69 in checking. View the June report. Tax information was submitted on a postcard as the only requirement for Friends to maintain their tax status.

6.  Librarian’s report — Amy read the report since Lee was absent.  (See report for details.)  Highlights included proposed Mancos Days booth with some sale items and a space for Friends to advertise our book sale, Half Marathon success with positive feedback, several upcoming library events, cleaned windows in the library, and further information on the Gallagher Amendment. View the full report.

7. Request from Julie Hartline — new children’s librarian for summer reading program.  Julie wants to put on a picnic for the reading program kids and their family.  Dana reported that Julie is requesting $350 for food and possibly entertainment, but no further details were forthcoming.  Friends Board requested an itemized agenda from Julie to be emailed to all Board members  for a proxy vote on this request. Laurie reported that Friends donated $63 in 2016, and $180 last year to the summer reading program.

8. Old business

a. Results and fresh thoughts on:      Jersey Jim auction and Cowboy Half Marathon food setup.  Dana reported that the auction brought in $275 from Robert Urquahart, which went directly to the library and not through Friends as in prior years.  Dana also commented on the Half Marathon, that the total number of runners was up, though costs were also up, so she roughly estimated that the library made about the same as last year (exact numbers will be forthcoming at a later meeting).  A later start was suggested, maybe 7 or 7:30.  Tulli handed out a draft list of to-do items for Friends to supply snacks for the runners so we have better organization next year.  Dana added that some runners requested more gluten-free snacks.

b. Revisit thoughts on a storage shed for snowblower, gas, etc.  Tulli reported on her conversation with Cindy Simpson after last month’s meeting in which Cindy thought that the Town Board of Trustees may allow a small shed for the machines to be stored separately from the Zircon.  This issue will be discussed in later meetings.

c. Donor bench update.  No change from last month.

d. Englehart   cards/posters.  Koko rearranged the cards at ABC to be more visible and reported that some were sold and she will be collecting the proceeds.

e. Sale of books within the library — the reduced-price summer sale is now over for these books in preparation for Mancos Days book sale.

9. New business

a. Working at the booth including setup and teardown for Mancos Days.   After some discussion regarding who exactly will be available to set up, staff, and tear down the book sale, Silvia mentioned that maybe a flyer atop a stack of books at the library booth directing buyers to the library sale site would be about all we could manage (several Board members may not be around during the sale).  Lee had asked for some participation of Friends (four people) in the parade on the library’s behalf.

b. Bookseller jobs for Mancos Days July 26, 27 and 28th.  Hours of operation were determined as follows:  setup starting at 1:30 on Thursday, the 26th, with the ice cream social for members 5:30-7:00; 10-5 for sale on Friday the 27th; 11-3 on Saturday the 28th (with special emphasis on 11-1 after the parade), then teardown.  The need to get enough volunteers, especially for setup and teardown was obvious at the May sale, so advertising for volunteers must begin soon.  Amy will get the Friends membership list to the sale for those who are manning the sale.  Silvia will get ice cream from Moose ‘n More, and paper bowls.  The strategy for setup will be again to leave some books in boxes like we did in May.  Book prices will be the same: $1/pound or $5 per bag (plastic grocery bag size only).  All of us are encouraged to donate bags for the sale.

10. Adjourn — 8:10 p.m.

Next meeting August 6, 2018

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