Minutes – July 3, 2017

Members Present: Sylvia Fleitz, Laurie Webster, Koko Smith, Tulli Kerstetter

I.     Call to Order at 7:09 p.m.

II.    Minutes of previous meeting read by Koko and approved as read.

III.  Proxy Votes and Amy’s permission for a proxy vote.  Amy Welden has given Koko and any other Board member permission to act in her stead (proxy) as necessary during her stay in Denver.

IV.   Correspondence.  Laurie read out a letter form Mancos Days Organizing Committee and Reaching Out to Community and Kids (ROCK).  The theme this year is Honoring Those Who Serve.  The letter was a request for donations from Friends.  Last year Friends decided not to donate, and, after discussion, the Board decided to again decline to donate.

V.    Financial report.  Laurie did the taxes in May.  She presented two months of reports as follows:  May financial statement:  a single transaction of a donation to the library to bring Mr. Kneel to the Summer Reading Program.  Balance at that time was $7353.98.  June financial statement: deposits from Amazon Smile, memberships, book sales, donation box receipts, book bags, recipe card sales, Leonard Gallagher annual donation; withdrawals from reimbursement check to Tulli for the scale, P.O. Box yearly rental.  Balance at the end of June was $7716.94.

Additional financial statements prepared by Laurie included a comparison of income and expenses for 2014, 2015, and 2016, as well as a breakdown of 2016 income and expenses.

VI.    Librarian’s report.  No report given due to Lee’s absence.

VIII.               Old Business

a.  Englehart cards.  Koko has not been to ABC recently, but Friends has plenty of card sets to display if ABC needs more.

b. Donor table plaque plans.  Laurie may have the donor list for the plaque names, and Sylvia has the name of a local fellow who may etch the names onto the plaque (about a dozen names are estimated).  The names on the plaque will be those who donated $100 or more to the library building fund.  The Board agreed that by the end of the summer, this project should be completed.

c. Jersey Jim auction outcome and suggestions for 2018.  Dana was not in attendance, so the update here was left for a later date (i.e., whether payment had been received from the auction winner).

d. Cowboy Half Marathon  results  and suggestions for 2018. Tulli made up a list of suggestions for what Friends needed in order to supply food and liquids for the runners.  Discussion led to additions and clarifications on the list and will be updated and sent out to all Board members.

IX. New business

a. Mancos Days book sale  head count, sign ups, food etc. for Friends early sale July 27th 6 -8pm.  Hours of operation will be Friday 1-5, Saturday 11-3, with an ice cream social for members on Thursday from 6 to 8.  Setup for the sale will begin on Thursday at noon.  Signup sheets  and advertising will be undertaken once again by Sylvia and Dana.  Discussion ensued on how and how much to use the scale for selling books by the pound instead of just per book.  Tulli volunteered to go into the library and weigh some books to get an idea of what is involved financially per pound versus per book and report back via email her findings.  Concern was expressed over whether Friends would be losing money by selling by weight.

b. Bylaws review/ legality for Friends, if desired, to make a payment towards the library bonds.  (Tabled until Lee’s return)

X. Adjourned at 8:07 p.m.      Next meeting:  August 7,  2017