Minutes – July 7, 2014

(as submitted) Mancos Friends of the Library – Minutes

July 7th, 2014

Members Present: Dana Petersen, Lee Wilson, Laurie Webster, Silvia Fleitz, Shaine Gans

I. Call to Order: by Lee Wilson at 7:08 pm

II. Proxies:

a. Electronic votes or communications: none

III. Minutes of previous meeting: approved with some minor corrections.

IV. Correspondence: we received a $200 donation in the mail from Leonard Gallagher of Rockville, MD. Dana will send him a thank you note.

V. Financial report: presented by Laurie. See attached. Total balance of accounts is $6,822.43. Approved as presented. Laurie brought up that we need to get our bank statements online so that we can avoid a $2 monthly fee. Dana will set up an email for the treasurer to receive these.

VI. Librarian’s report: Lee Hallberg was not present.

VII. Projects Summary

a. Stanton Englehart sales: another $135 worth of cards have been sold at Absolute Bakery. Dana will work on getting the cards and posters for sale back on the Friends website.

b. Sculpture; recognizing donors: tabled until next meeting.

c. Jersey Jim auction: one participant was able to win both of the nights for a total of $400. This was the most we have made with the online auction. An article in the Durango Herald by John Peele seemed to help as the winner was from Durango. Silvia delivered the Jersey Jim information to the winner.

VIII. Old Business

A. Mancos Days-Library 5th Anniversary Celebration-Silvia made a motion that the Friends pay for the expenses of the party including cake, icecream, supplies, and for Lee Bartley to tune the piano, up to $160. The motion was seconded and approved. Dana and Shaine will do PSA for this.

B. Mancos Days-Book Sale: Hours will be Thurs 7/24 6-8pm, Friday 7/25 10am-5pm, Sat 7/26 11am-3pm. Set up will be on Wed. starting at 1pm. Silvia will do a bulk email and sign up sheet to recruit volunteers.

C. We will talk with people during these events to recruit new officers for our slate for Sept.

IX. New Business

A. A request was made by Lee Hallberg and presented by Shaine that the Friend’s pay for the Book Page subscription for $300. A motion was made and seconded. Laurie gave a check to Shaine for this.

B. Volunteers are needed for landscaping work, particularly weeding. Call or stop by the library for more information.

X. Next meeting will be August 4, 2014 at 7pm.

XI. Adjourn 8:15 pm