Minutes – June 2, 2014

(as submitted) Members Present: Silvia Fleitz, Lee Hallberg, Dana Petersen, Bob Seney, Lee Wilson

I. Call to order: At 7:03 p.m.

II. Report of Proxies: none

III. Minutes of previous meeting: May 5, 2014

IV. Confirmations of electronic votes/communications: None

V. Correspondence: none

VI. President’s Report: Bob is resigning as President as he is moving from the Mancos area. See attached letter.

VII. Financial report: Laurie Webster is out of town and will report in July.

VIII. Librarian’s report: presented by Lee Hallberg. See below. Highlights are that the library has received $2600 from their mid-year appeal, the people counter purchased by the Friends has been installed, and the library is planning a Louis L’Amour Festival along with other organizations for Labor Day weekend 2014.

IX. Projects Summary

a. Updates:

i. Stanton Englehart cards sales: Silvia has labels printed for the remaining 12 packs and will place them in the Absolute Bakery.

ii. Update on donor’s sculpture and rock: Laurie has been out of town so Silvia has not yet looked at the rocks on her property. Silvia will continue to follow up with this.

b. City Market Cares program-Dana will still add a link to the Friend’s website because now it is necessary to sign up online to designate the library as receiving the proceeds from the use of City Market cards. The library website has added the link.

c. We agreed to coordinate with Shaine Gans on a 5th birthday celebration for the library on Thursday, July 24. This is the Thursday before Mancos Days’ weekend and will be conjunction with the start of the book sale. This will be planned in further detail at our July meeting.

X. Old Business

a. Update on The Jersey Jim Foundation on line auctions: Dana

i. Donation of two nights: August 15 & 16.

ii. Dana to run online auction from May 15-June 14th at 12 noon. Bidding is underway and is going slowly but expect to pick up during the next 2 weeks.

iii. Silvia will do PSA’s and article for the Mancos Times.
XI. New Business

a. New Officers: We will be speaking with Friends members to recruit new officers as Bob is moving and Lee Wilson will also be moving at some point. Lee Wilson, as First Vice President, will run the July meeting.

XII. Next Meeting Date: July 7, 2014 at 7pm at the library. All are welcome!

XIII. Adjourn: 7:35pm

Librarian’s Report

• Annual “Spring Cleaning” completed on May 20, most “front end” areas were cleaned & polished as well as supply closets & tidying of staff workroom.
• Current total for mid-year appeal is $2,600 in donations.
• Thanks to help from Dana, “Donate” button is now active on website. Will be looking closer at our site & cleaning up in the next month (including addition of EBSCO databases), a complete re-design is in the works for 2015.
• Further discussion of potential Louis L’Amour Festival, 4 organizations in attendance at last meeting and each is willing to take a part in planning. Aiming for Labor Day Weekend 2015, library will plan / host literary & children’s events.
• Mancos Half-Marathon yielded $175 for the library – thanks to all who ran for our team!
• Summer reading program starts Wednesday, this year’s events:
• June 4 – Chemistry with Ft. Lewis College Chem. Dept.
• June 11 – Boulder’s Playground Theatre will entertain with classic tales with a science twist.
• June 18 – The Buzz on Bees. Bee experts from around the area will give background on the importance of bees for our ecosystem. Includes a tour of the library’s beehive.
• June 27 – Astronomy Day (& Night) – Indoor planetarium in the meeting room during the day and star party at night (for all ages).
• Bees are doing very well, over 1/2 of hive full of honeycomb & very active.
• People counter installed & working very well, thank you!
• Landscaping work continues, Gretchen with CHO Montezuma hosted a “soil building” workshop on Saturday to prep area in front for a fruit tree in the fall (donated). Kenny Smith unable to come to spray weeds yet and south end of building is getting a bit out of control – may take matters into my own hands. North end landscaping is coming along nicely and is on schedule for completion this week.

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