Minutes – June 3, 2019

(as submitted) Members present: Lee, Miriam, Anne, Laurie, Amy, Tulli, Koko, Silvia, Dana

1. Call to order 7:03 pm

2. Minutes from May meeting approved as emailed.

3. Guest requests — none

4. Proxy/e-mail votes — none

5. Correspondence — none

6. Financial report — The only expense for May was the liquor license for the Half Marathon. Deposits were for in-library book sales, membership, donation box, individual donation from Willowtail Springs, and the daylily/iris sale. Total balance as of 5/31 is $9280.68. The report was approved. Laurie added three other items to her report as follows: MFOL Income and Expenses 2016-2018, MFOL Library Donations for 2018, and 2018 MFOL Income and Expenses. (See handouts for details.) Heidi Trainor helped Laurie with the annual postcard submittal required for a 501(c)3 with an income below $50,000.  See attached.

7. Librarian’s report — Lee announced six upcoming programs sponsored by the library, including a trivia night at the Brewery. Lee requested Friends to help form a library team and is looking for a backup trivia host. A silent auction for the library on July 27 will be held at Outlier Cellars, which the Friends may be requested to help with;10% of everything sold 5:30-9:30 will be donated to the library. There will be no drill team this year for Mancos Days Parade. Mancos FoodShare is now serving 22-27 kids three days a week at the library porch. Thanks to the school’s ag/woodshop class for building and donating two picnic tables for the outdoor classroom. It costs $9000 per year to maintain landscaping for the library, which has been paid for by Robin and Nancy Strother, and hopefully they will continue to support the library in this endeavor. June 11, 6 p.m. Wild Edge (Brewery) trivia night will help the Half Marathon by donating 10% of its proceeds collected during the trivia portion of the evening. (See report for a complete list of activities.)
Concerning the library’s debt load, Lee is still thinking about whether to ask for buydown on the debt, since there may be some concern on the part of donors that debt reduction would not be a proper use of donation funds. See attached.

8. Old business

Jersey Jim (July 13) on-line auction (June 1-9). So far, $80 is the highest bid among three bidders. The tower is still closed due to snow through June 9. Flyers announcing the auction will be posted by Miriam and Silvia,
Friends participation in Cowboy Half Marathon (June 22). Dana reported that 126 participants are registered so far, which is above last year. Tulli asked for Friends to donate to at-cost purchases for Zuma and P&D if so needed for food for the runners. Dana has a $50 gift card from Walmart that can be used for purchases for the marathon. Friends suggested cups, paper towels, napkins, and hand sanitizers. There is also a need to buy a canopy, since only one is available this year. Anne offered to select said canopy. Motion to allow Anne up to $200 for a sturdy canopy was approved. Setup for the runners food stalls will be from 6-8 a.m., manning the stalls for the runners from 8 to noon, with teardown around noon.
Storage shed for snowblower and gasoline. Josh Horner gave Lee a bid of $4000 including concrete to build a shed from scratch. He suggested that Lee look at Weather King for a prefab structure. Lee reported that an 8×12 fully enclosed unit for $2240, delivered, with swinging door, is available. Holdups: can it be gotten into the back area, and the land needs to be leveled. Lee is not requesting any money at this time until he can determine if the shed can be maneuvered into the proposed location.
Replacement donor plaque cost & installation location — tabled.

9. New business

Library building10-year anniversary — on June 22nd. Lee polled library staff on this issue and all agreed that festivities would be lost during the activities of the half marathon. A proposed date may be for Mancos Days Book Sale after the parade in July. Anne suggested having photos on display of the library for the celebration, and Lee agreed, stating that Google Drive has all kinds of photos to display. Advertising will begin on facebook and contact of prior librarians for the anniversary will be attempted.
Logo — Anne asked that Friends consider a logo for MFOL to make it more visible. Silvia suggested tabling the idea for later in the year.
Membership Rejuvenation — 334 names are on the main list going back to 2006 but more recently 157 have renewed or joined since 2016, with 96 paid in 2018-2019, and only 21 so far this year. The biggest problem to contacting members is that it is too expensive to mail reminders via USPS. Lee offered a corner of an indoor kiosk to advertise what Friends do, which Amy and Anne volunteered to create.
Mancos Days participation (July 25-28) — tabled to next meeting
Retreat? — tabled to next meeting.

10. Adjourn at 8:25.

Next meeting: July 1, 2019

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