Minutes – June 4, 2018

(as submitted)

Members present: Dana Petersen, Lee Hallberg, Anne Benson, Joan Brindamour, Silvia Fleitz, Koko Smith, Tulli Kerstetter, Cindy Simpson (liaison from town board)

1. Call to order 7:06 p.m.

2. Minutes from previous meeting.  Motion to accept minutes as emailed with the correction listed below under Financial Report.

3. Proxy votes – none

4. Correspondence – none

5. Financial report – Laurie emailed a copy due to her absence,  Ending balance for April-May statement  is  $9544.20 (see Financial Report for details).  The Minutes of May 2018 were amended to state that the April book sale proceeds amounted to $466.61 instead of $746.35.  Absolute Book Collection’s purchase of $280 in April was not to be included in the actual book sale; likewise, future purchases are to be reported separately as well.

6. Librarian’s report.  Lee stated that there are three Iibrary board vacancies but only one is needed for a quorum.  The Library Board meets the first Thursday of every month from 5-7 pm.  His report also listed speakers and programs during this month at the library (see report for details).  Requests for $400 for four Navajo poets to recite their poems (a September program) and $460 for library window cleaning by Chris Young  were approved.

7. Old business

Donor bench update.  Silvia has nothing to add except to state that Brad is still too busy to work on the plaque for the bench.

Englehart cards.   Dana reported that four Englehart posters had been sold on Saturday at the library.  Koko had not been to ABC to check on the status of the notecard sets therein.

Books on sale in the library.  The May-June sale of in-library books suggested by Joan last month has resulted in some sales to reduce the volume of books that have been donated.  The Financial Report lists $45.50 collected by the end of May for such sales.

8. New business

Jersey Jim auction July 7.  July 7 is a Saturday.  The online auction for this day is to start by the end of Wednesday the 7th and will continue until the 18th, Monday, at midnight.  Minimum bid is $45. Dana and Silvia will post the auction on our Friends site, the library site, Facebook, and in an email advertising campaign.

Cowboy Half Marathon, Sat., June 23 – how things are shaping up and our role in providing food.   Setup must begin before 7, as the first run starts at 7:30.  Dana reported that, as of today’s date, the numbers are about the same as last year (167 total last year), though sponsorships are up.  Democrats, Masons, Methodist Church, Medicine Horse, maybe Republicans and/or Artisans have been contacted to help along the routes.  Osprey packs, watches, running shoe gift cards, Brown’s certificates, and Gourds of the Southwest have offered gifts/prizes, as well as rally towels.  Cider as well as beer will be served this year.

Mancos Days book sale Thurs. July 26th ice cream social for MFOL and Fri and Sat 27 and 28th. Needs to be addressed right now.   Application for Friends for Mancos Days for a booth has been accepted, so Friends  can have a few books on display and potential buyers directed to our sale in the library.  Joan suggested that the ice cream social for Friends members should start at 5:30.  Board members felt that there was ample time to get all organized at the monthly meeting in July.

More protection under our donor table (small stones, etc).  Lee reported that this project is  on the landscapers’ to-do list to install a better weed barrier with pebbles under the table.

A storage shed for snowblower and gasoline other than the Zircon.  Joan and Lee have talked about this situation vis-a-vis the overabundance of donated books.  Lee felt there was no room to put up a shed, but maybe more space in the library could be created so Joan can sort them without having to be in the Zircon.  The sorted books would then be trucked out to storage.

9. Adjourn at 8:08 p.m..

Next meeting  July 2, 2018