Minutes – March 10, 2014

(as submitted)

Members Present: Sunny Gayle, Lee Hallberg, Dana Petersen, Lee Wilson, Laurie Webster, Bob Seney, Silvia Fleitz, Linda Bellush

I.    Call to order: At 7:05 p.m.

II.    Report of Proxies: None

III.    Minutes of previous meeting: February 3, 2014, approved as submitted.

IV.    Confirmations of electronic votes/communications: None

V.    Correspondence: None.

VI.    Financial report: presented by Laurie Webster. We had $477 added from card sales at AHC and quite a lot of membership renewals. See attached. Total balance is $6,783.57. Laurie brought up the question of continuing to include a Friends of the Library membership renewal in the library fundraising mailing. The library is considering doing 2 mailings per year and may include the Friends in the second mailing or have the Friends try their own mailing. We will continue to consider what to do.

VII.    Librarian’s report: presented by Lee Hallberg. The library and the Friends extend a hearty Thank You to Ben Wolcott for paving the area in front of the Zircon to improve access for the Friends to their books and the library staff to their landscape tools. The library has decided not to try for a Mil Levy this year as they have done well with fundraising and they are now not severely pressed for funds until 2016. See attached report for additional information.

VIII.    Projects Summary
a.    Stanton Englehart cards sales: The AHC will sell the remaining notecards (8-pack for $12) and then decide if they will order more. Lee Wilson put a basket of notecards with a sign at Absolute Bakery (12-pack for $15) that they are allowing us to sell without commission as they have several Englehart paintings exhibited. Silvia will check the inventory of cards and we will decide what to do about the different packs and if we need to proceed with ordering more at this point.
b.    Report on Search for the sculpture rock: Lee Wilson may have a lead, she will follow up on this.
c.    Report on Valentine’s Bake Sale: the sale went incredibly well considering the water issues in town and that the Mancos Times didn’t print our PSA. Many donations of baked goods came in and sold well plus many people came in to renew memberships.

IX.    Old Business
a.    Review of Feb. Minutes suggest there is no Old Business

X.    New Business
a.    April Book Sale: It was decided that with some rearranging of boxes in storage we can hold off until Mancos Days for a book sale.
b.    Bylaws: Lee Hallberg asked about Friends donations to the library and if the Friends can revise their bylaw to contribute to operating expenses or debt reduction if needed (Goal #4 of Strategic Plan). Laurie Webster suggested talking with our tax person to see if there is a legal reason why we can’t do this. We will continue to investigate this.
c.    Bob Seney brought up the possibility of a Spam Festival, this is the kind in a can not in an email! He found out about this in Austin, TX. This would involve carving Spam, Spam recipes, Spam throwing, etc. There is an annual Spam Festival in Hawaii. We will continue to think this over.

XI.    Next Meeting Date: April 7th at 7pm at the library. All are welcome!

XII.    Adjourn: 7:50pm

Librarian’s Report:

  • Paving in front of Zircon is partially complete (generous donation of time & supplies by Ben Wolcott)
  • Initial email from Holly Cruser today regarding potential help from the beautification committee to do a landscaping spring clean up.  Can the Friends coordinate?  In dire need of new woodchips / mulch this year.
  • First round of the Strategic Plan has been completed, a draft is provided for your reference.  This will be revised & fine tuned over the next 2 weeks, a final draft will be presented for approval at the 3/27 Board meeting.  FOL officer’s feedback is strongly encouraged.
  • After discussion with the Board & Jim Law, the library will not be pursuing a Mil Levy this year.
  • Solar flag light has been installed – illumination is not as expected, after conversation with the seller a new rechargeable battery has been shipped which should remedy the problem.
  • Received $1,000 donation from Masonic Lodge w/ annual commitment in memory of Steve Hawkins.