Minutes – March 2, 2020

(as submitted)

Members present: Laurie, Anne, Miriam, Koko, Lee, Amy, Tulli, Silvia

1. Call to order 7 p.m.

2. Minutes from February meeting — approved as emailed.

3. Guest requests — none

4. Proxy/e-mail votes — none

5. Correspondence — Laurie received a donation request from Mancos Days looking for sponsors. This year’s theme is the Roaring 20’s. Friends in attendance all agreed not to donate, stating that MFOL funds should all go to support the library.

6. Financial report — This month’s report was brief due to Laurie’s absence (see Report for details). A reimbursement to Tulli for the setup fee plus embroidery for eight MFOL hats was the only disbursement made. Total balance equaled $6744.28. Funds from the bake sale will be reported in March although Laurie did announce the results of said sale as follows: $597.69 for baked goods, $550 in memberships and donations, $100 in hat sales, for a total of $1347.69 — a record! Details for online donations via Paypal have to be worked out, and Lee offered to help Friends on this matter. In-library book sales and additional memberships totaling $495.46 will also be included in next month’s financial report. The February financial report was approved.

7. Librarian’s report — (see Report for details). Lee reported that on March 12, a postcard announcing the 2020 census will be sent out. April 1 is “Census Day.” The library is helping to promote the census and its importance to local communities. Other news included a great annual appeal raising just over $10,000 for the library, and success of the Kanopy Streaming service. On March 9 at 1:30, Kim (race director for Half Marathon) and Lee (for the library) will be featured on KSJD as part of a fund drive for the marathon. Several sponsors have announced they will be unable to support this year’s Half Marathon, so the library is still looking for sponsors.

8. Old business
Valentine’s Day Bake Sale recap – (Financial results see above under Financial Report). Koko stated there was a need for extra baggies for folks who brought in baked goods halfway through the sale. Midge Kirk expressed a willingness to call bakers, as has been done in the past but was not attempted this year. This action was in response to fewer baked goods being donated this year. A final suggestion: reserve both community rooms early for next year (next year’s bake sale will occur on a Saturday).
Hat order — Do we want to order another ten? Friends agreed on ordering ten more hats in time for sale at the Half Marathon and Mancos Days book sale. Tulli will order four blue, two purple, two black and two charcoal/olive green hats and have them embroidered at Brand Central.
Zircon clean out — Lee stated that Ryan will get the job done so that Friends can have easier access to books and other Friends items stored therein.

10. New business

Meeting of regional Friends – Miriam attended this meeting and reported back to Friends. Her report is attached to the end of these minutes. Lee reported, in response to Bayfield’s Road to Reading Program for seniors, that Mancos Library has a Homebound Patron Service which delivers books to seniors.
Jersey Jim auction — We have a date: August 9 (Sunday). Dana will set up a website for the auction. Actual advertising will consist of flyers and social media posts. Silvia will do a trifold and facebook notifications. All agreed that the auction should go on for a week, as it has in the past. Anne will communicate with Lee about this issue around the first week in June.
Spring book sale — Although Joan has not expressed a willingness to organize and facilitate a spring sale, Lee reported that a lot of books have come in lately. Lee will communicate with Joan on this matter.

11. Adjourn at 8 p.m.

Next meeting: April 6, 2020