Minutes – March 5, 2018

(as submitted)

Meeting called to order at 7 p.m.

I.  Members Present:  Joan Brindamour, Lee Hallberg, Amy Welden, Koko Smith, Anne Benson, Silvia Fleitz, Tulli Kerstetter, Laurie Webster, Dana Petersen.

II.  Minutes of previous meeting (previously sent).  Approved as sent.

III.   Proxy Votes  – None

IV.   Correspondence – None

V.   Financial report – Two months were presented, January and February.  There was a question about 2 bear-proof trash bins appearing for payment of $215 on Nov. 13 and $198.12 on Dec. 11.  Lee had to call the company to protest the assessment of shipping charges on the  order, and the library should have gotten a credit. $215 is the proper cost of the trash can. (See the full report for further details on income and expenses.) As of the end of February, Friends had  $256.95 in savings and $9511.19 in checking, for a total balance of $9768.14.

VI.  Librarian’s report.  Lee did not submit a written report, but presented the big news about Mancos Library being among the 29 finalists for the National Medal for Museum and Library Service awards. Senator Gardner’s office nominated the library, then an application process was initiated.  Mancos Library was nominated for its response to the Western Excelsior fire.  The library helped the newly unemployed go online to apply for benefits and created a space where workforce employees could meet with them as they searched for new jobs.  There is a $5000 cash award,  and the 10 medalists will be chosen this spring.  A lot of big libraries are in the running.  The National Medal Ceremony will take place on May 24 in Washington, D.C.

A financial request from Lee related to the fire alarm system not being monitored, which necessitated a rewiring cost of $680.  Alpine Security of Durango is now in charge of the alarm system.  Friends approved the rewiring cost.

VII.    Old Business

a.  Englehart cards  – $36 from ABC.

b. February bake sale results and new ideas.  The amount taken in of about $435 from sales and $340 for membership dues was around the same as in past years.  Better labeling of the contents of the baked goods was suggested, as well as attractive packaging.

VIII.    New Business

a. Membership update — Amy.  Amy reported that there were four new members, for a total of 58 paid members.  Amy will write a thank you to anyone who donated $50 or more.  Joan suggested sending out tax forms right away rather than waiting until the end of the year.  It was finally agreed that an all-in-one form of a thank you and a tax form under the library logo was the best idea.  Discussion was held about how to get more Friends members.

b. Bylaws update.  The only concern was the Treasurer’s time of service under Article III: Section 2.  The wording agreed upon is as follows:  “No elected officer may hold the same office for more than three consecutive years except for the Treasurer who will be elected for a three-year term and may serve for additional terms on approval of the Executive Committee.”  The Bylaws will be voted on at the next meeting for final approval.

c. donor bench plaque update.  Silvia reported that Brad was too busy at the moment but will be able to get to the plaque in a couple of weeks.

d.  Cowboy half marathon – planning.  Friends will continue to supply food for runners.  Koko suggested a new category of those 80 and over.  Dana commented that signups are already starting to come in.  Another new category is the Team Challenge, with at least 5 runners competing in each team.

Spring book sale?  There is usually one in mid-April, but it was decided that May 4 and 5 might be a better choice for this year’s sale, for Cinco de Mayo.

IX. Adjourned at  8:03 pm    Next meeting: April 2,  2018