Minutes – March 7, 2016

(as submitted)

Members Present: Dana Petersen, Amy Welden, Laurie Webster, Lee Hallberg, Carolyn Smith, Tulli Kerstetter, Silvia Fleitz.

I.  Call to Order: By Carolyn at 7:10pm

II.    Minutes of previous meeting: approved as read.

III.  Proxie Votes: none

IV.  Correspondence: Lee requested an updated Friends membership list via email which was provided by Amy.

V.   Financial report: presented by Laurie. Total balance all accounts is $3434.48. Approved as read. See full report here.

VI.  Librarian’s report: presented by Lee. Help with distribution of promotional items for the Mancos Half Marathon which will benefit the library is needed. See full report here.

VII.        Projects Summary:

A.   Stanton Englehart sales: Carolyn reports since the relocation in the bakery none of the cards have sold. The bakery people are wanting to rotate displays in the front. Tulli suggested that we get a display rack. She will check at the bakery to see if that would work.

B.   Library Book Bags: Dana suggested using these to give gift packs to people who participate in the Mancos Half Marathon.

VIII.       Old Business

A.   Bake sale proceeds/discussion: the sale raised $1000 in sales and memberships. All agreed it went well.

B.   Donor bench/ table/ wall plaque: there is nothing new on this.

IX.   New Business

A.   End of the year donations update: we received $2515 through the end of Jan. We will continue to pay the costs of the mailing next year.

B.   Updates on Mil levy business: Lee reports that the Vote Yes committee will be meeting with us regarding requests for additional funds.

C.   Plans for book sale April 2nd: set up will be Fri Apr 1st from 3-7pm. The sale will be on Sat April 2nd from 8:30am-10am for Friends only and then from 10-3 for the general public. Tear down will be from 3-4pm. We will need a lot of volunteers for tear down as the room will be used by another group at 4pm.

D.   Mancos Half Marathon on June 25th: Dana pointed out that we need business sponsors and that they will be added to the posters and t-shirts. Potential business sponsors can go to www.mancoshalfmarathon.com, so please spread the word but do check with Shaine Gans before you ask a business in case they have already been contacted by the committee. Businesses can also donate prizes for the runners. Tulli reports that the Marathon committee would like the Friends to provide snack food to the runners. The Friends could also provide snacks for sale to the general public as a fund raiser.

X.   Adjournment: at 8:01pm by Carolyn. Next meeting will by April 4,  2016 at 7pm at the library. All are welcome!

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