Minutes – March 7, 2023

(As submitted)

Library Conference Room
4 pm.

Members present: Ann Coker, Cathy Seibert, Patty Coen, Amy Welden, Tulli Kerstetter,
Peggy Littlejohn, Anne Benson, Miriam Dunbar, Laurie Webster, Silvia Fleitz, Ilga Vise,
Earlene Swann, Tova Spector

1. Call to order 4:59 pm

2. Minutes from February meeting as emailed – Peggy moved to accept the minutes
and Ilga seconded. All approved.

3. Guest requests – none. Patty Coen introduced herself.

4. Proxy/e-mail votes – Cleaning bills – Emails were sent to officers to vote on paying for steam-cleaning and protection of three large chairs by the fireplace as well as future cleaning of six chairs with tables and the floor in the small meeting room. The officers approved reimbursing the library for $159 for the three large chairs, and an estimate not to exceed $750 for the other items. Anne had moved to propose the above items and Laurie had seconded via email. The motion was approved.

5. Correspondence – none

6. Financial report – Laurie reported little activity for February. No interest this quarter for
savings on $4226.98. Checking account activity: reimbursement of Cathy for donation
letter thank you postage, reimbursement of $159 to library for steam-cleaning, Amazon
Smile deposit of $9.02 (probably the last), $493.79 deposit from donations, memberships,
in-library book sales, donation box. Total in checking $10,316.60. Total balance
$14,543.58. Tulli moved to approve the financial report and Miriam seconded. All

7. Library Director’s report – In Jared’s absence, Anne read his report into the record
(see attached for details), with comments concerning: revamping volunteer program,
chairs cleaned and protected, boiler issues unresolved and may require replacement;
appeal letter $4897 in donations; GRT (Growing Readers Together) Grant received; tech
upgrades working well; new library software (CASSIE) requiring a library card to login.
Peggy brought up the issue of southern states banning books. Oct. 1 is banned book

8. Book Maven report – Miriam reported that DVDs seem to be selling well on the sale
shelf, but not CDs, which she moved to the free shelf. Audio books are being shipped to
Better World Books. Recently published fiction has been donated so there will be plenty to
choose from for the book sale in July.

9. Old business – Patty Coen had contacted Tulli by email expressing a willingness to
take over secretary duties that Tulli had indicated in December she would relinquish if
someone volunteered. After discussion, it was agreed that this issue will be tabled for the
immediate future, as a commitment to an amount of time and attendance needs to be
made by Patty. Anne sold two books on Amazon, which involved paying sales tax. As a
nonprofit, Friends should not be paying same, but Laurie is unsure whether there is a tax-exempt number. Anne and Laurie will pursue the matter further.

10. New business
Bake Sale reschedule – Discussion ensued as to whether to re-schedule the bake
sale. Surprisingly $22 was made on baked goods donated before cancellation. Motion by
Peggy to skip this year was seconded by Tulli. All approved. The Friends’ bank account is
looking healthy at the moment so the bake sale won’t be a huge loss of income. But Silvia
brought up the importance of reminding members to renew, which was done at the bake
sale. Cathy will make up a three-year list for Anne. Maybe a few members would be
willing to call those who have not paid and remind them. This idea was tabled to the April

11. Adjourn at 4:40 pm.

Next meeting: April 4, 2023 – Conference Room