Minutes – May 1, 2017

Members Present: Peter and Joan Brindamour, Koko Smith, Silvia Fleitz, Laurie Webster, Lee Hallberg, Tulli Kerstetter, Dana Petersen.  Eden Zilloux also present briefly.

I.     Call to Order 7:04 p.m.

II.   Minutes of previous meeting.  Motion to accept minutes approved.

III.  Proxy Votes.  None.

IV. Correspondence.  Koko wrote a thank you note to ABC for providing food items for the members-only part of the April book sale.

V.   Financial report.  Laurie: a couple small deposits and April book sale deposits totalled $871.35; $601.35 book sale profit, $170 in membership renewals.  Check for liquor license for Cowboy Half Marathon was made out by Laurie.  Total balance $7533.98.  Mancos Brewery will donate beer.  Financial report approved.

VI. Librarian’s report.  Lee gave an oral report.  Donor table has not been picked up from Tulli but Lee stated he will do so in the coming week.

VII.        Old Business

A.  Englehart cards — still in good location in ABC.  Have enough card packets if we have to add more to ABC basket.

VIII.      New Business

A.  Summer Reading Program funds request (Eden).  Title for this year:

Build a Better World.  Hope to get the performance hiphop artist Mr. Kneel (mrkneel.com), who is a former educator in Denver schools, for a musical kick-off to kids’ summer reading program.  Eden requested $180 for lodging for Mr. Kneel from Friends.  Request approved.

B.  Donor table and plaque update.  Silvia has the name of a person that may make the plaque for donor names.  See above on table setup schedule.

C.  Jersey Jim auction.  Advertisement out for auction.  Going live May 15 in the morning.

D.  Cowboy half marathon –  our tasks/ donations.  Marathon date: June 24. 35 so far signed up.  Dana stated that there is a need for items that will go into runner swag bags which businesses can donate if the sponsorship fees are not in their budget. (business name on things like pens, etc.).   Dolores Market will donate 100 or more bottles of water.  Friends will be responsible for contacting local businesses for food for runners.  Dana requested that someone from Friends act as liaison to the Marathon committee on these food requests.  She is compiling a list of food items so Friends know what to ask donors for.

E.  Mancos Days book sale.  July 27 for Friends members, 28th-29th for the open sale.  Dana has notified the Chamber of Friends’ book sale to include in Mancos Days advertisement.

F.   Scale discussion for book sales.  Tulli found two, one at $11.51 and another heavier-duty one for $25.39.  Peter and Joan believe we will sell more at $1 per pound.  Friends approved the purchase of the scale on ebay for $25.39 or one similar, not to exceed $30.

G.  Bylaws review to determine if FOL can make payments towards library’s bonds.  It was determined that all but personnel expenses can be paid by FOL as a nonprofit, so we can contribute to paying down the principal.  As yet, Lee doesn’t even know if the library can pay down the principal — will know later when he talks with the library attorney (at least a couple months til this is established).  Two payments are made per year, in May and November.  Maybe Friends can make a November payment.  Need for bylaws update is obvious, and should occur at the November meeting.

IX. Adjourn at 8:05 p.m.

Next meeting: June 5,  2017

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