Minutes – May 15, 2015

Regular meeting – Monday, May 15, 2015

(as submitted)

Present: Dana Petersen, Carolyn Smith, Laurie Webster, Lee Hallberg

I. Call to order – Carolyn called the meeting to order at 7:07.

II. Proxies – None.

III. Minutes of previous meeting – Accepted as submitted.

IV. Correspondence – None.

V. Financial report – Laurie presented the financial report – a couple of donations were received and deposits from card sales at both the baker and the Anasazi Heritage Center.

VI. Librarian’s report – Lee H. has been getting some bids from landscapers. The library’s April fundraising appeal has been successful and raised approximately $3,000 to date. The library traffic has picked up and they are beginning to see more out-of-towners traveling through.

Other topics discussed were the Jersey Jim auction. Dana agreed to contact Clara McNeil to see if they would again be donating a couple of nights for the Friends to auction off. Staff wanted to know whether the Friends would be willing to do a community-oriented social event again this year in conjunction with the July book sale. The general feeling is that we would like to restrict a social event to a “Friends only” event as a perk for being a Friend.

VII. Recent projects summary

a. Stanton Englehart sales – Carolyn collected $57.00 from Absolute Bakery from sales of Englehart cards. Four packs sold but there was $57.00 in the envelope so there must have been a tip. (?)

b. Library book bags – Sales have picked up a bit, Lee reported.

VIII. Old Business

a. Donor recognition bench – Lee reported talking to both Peter Eppert and Bonnie Loving (who makes her benches entirely from horseshoes). Loving’s benches are $400 though she indicated she would be willing to offer the Friends a better price. Eppert’s estimate came in at around $200 – it would be wood with a metal back. Dominic Petros was also contacted and is working on a design that he will submit to Lee.

b. Landscaping – Lee has contacted a couple of landscaping companies. Carlos with Topline came and took a look but has not given a bid yet. He also talked to Gretchen (last name?) who is the current Community Health Organizer for Live Well Colorado. Her bid (not including sprinkler/drip system or materials) came in at roughly $1,300. Lee is contemplating possibly hiring Topline to put in the sprinkler/drip system and using Gretchen for maintenance. Lee will await the Topline bid and consider options after that.

IX. New Business

a. Bookpage renewal request – Lee checked on whether we could order a reduced number but 50 is the minimum order. He reported about 25-30 are generally taken each month. A motion was made and seconded to renew the subscription for another year for $300. Motion passed.

X. Next meeting: After much discussion, the next meeting is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday or Thursday, June 3 or 4. Lee will check with Silvia about her availability for either of those nights.

XI. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 p.m.