Minutes – May 2, 2023

Library Conference Room
4 p.m.

Members present: Ann Coker, Miriam Dunbar, Anne Benson, Tulli Kerstetter, Cathy Seibert, Laurie Webster

1. Call to order at 4:04 pm
2. Minutes from April meeting as emailed – Miriam moved to approve the minutes, and
Ann seconded. All approved
3. Guest requests – none
4. Proxy/e-mail votes – none
5. Correspondence – none
6. Financial report – No changes in savings from last month of $4328.57. Charge of $35 on
Paypal Echeck is still being investigated – maybe Dana bought a print and a refund didn’t go through (Paypal was not working at the time)? Laurie deposited $21.85 from online book sales (one book), nearly $2000 altogether from memberships and donations, and other sources of revenue from donation box, hat sale, and in-library book sales. A check was made out to the library last month for Stanley Steemer of $1129.04. Membership revenue has been rather good lately. Total in checking of $11,072.60, for an overall balance of $15,401.17. Tull moved to approve the financial report, and Miriam seconded. All approved. Laurie also presented an annual income and expenses summary which is required by accountant Heidi Trainor to do the 990 postcard for nonprofits. Three categories are numerated: Income, Expenses, and Friends’ Donations to the Library. The last page compares the last three years. Since 2020 was a covid year, income and expenses were way down from 2021 and 2022. Laurie commented that Friends is getting more unsolicited funds from foundations (e.g., $2500 from Bechtel). Book sales increased in 2022 as well as Englehart print sales. Amazon Smile is no longer in existence, so that revenue, though meager, is gone. Jersey Jim income about same each year, ditto hats. Management refers to office-related items. Amy asked about how many remaining Englehart prints are in existence, but since Silvia (who was not present) is taking care of these, no one was sure how many are left.
7. Library Director’s report – The Director’s report was read into the record by Anne in
Jared’s absence (see report attached).
8. Membership report – Cathy made some corrections that Anne had sent her to the reports
she printed out for members in attendance last month. Ann requested an updated membership list for her records. Ilga and Amy had called some people who did not give their email addresses to Friends as reminders to re-up; a few responded and sent in dues. Cathy estimated that there are currently somewhere around 90 adult memberships.
9. Book Maven report – Miriam has gone through some 10 boxes that Tulli had hauled to
the zircon in her absence, but another big group of coffee table books (mostly photography) had recently arrived, most of which she sent on to Better World Books. There will be a nice collection of books for Friends’ annual sale in July. Connie Fox had donated a number of Great Courses DVDs which will be in the sale.
10. Old business –
Jersey Jim auction – Tulli will distribute flyers in Cortez, Amy took some flyers to
Durango, and Miriam distributed same around Mancos. Dana made the auction information live on Monday, May 1, with bidding to officially run from the 8th to the 14th.
11. New business
July meeting (Monday the 3rd?) – All present agreed that the next monthly meeting should be postponed to the 11th rather than the 3rd.
Mancos Days Book Sale and Social – Anne had some frustration getting the community room scheduled with the new scheduling system, but Friends does get priority as a library function. The room has been reserved from noon Thursday through closing on Saturday for the sale.
12. Adjourn at 4:55.
Next meeting: June 6, 2023 – Conference Room