Minutes – May 5, 2014

(as submitted) Regular meeting – May 5, 2014

Members Present:Lee Hallberg, Silvia Fleitz, Lee Wilson, Laurie Webster, Dana Petersen, Cathrine Smith.
I. Call to order: At 7;00 p.m.

II. Report of Proxies: Bob Seney gave his proxy to Silvia via email.

III. Minutes of previous meeting: April 7, 2014-approved as read.

IV. Confirmations of electronic votes/communications: None

V. Correspondence: none

VI. Financial report: presented by Laurie-total all accounts is currently $6,868.57. (View the April report.) Laurie also presented information on 2013 income and expenses and a three year comparison of 2011 to 2013. (View those here.) It was noted that the library mailings greatly increased our membership donations.

VII. Librarian’s report: Lee Hallberg-see below. The library now has a beehive and there will be assistance needed to help with landscaping projects and maintenance. The library will be closed May 20th for spring cleaning.

VIII. Projects Summary
a. Stanton Englehart cards sales: The 12 packs of cards that Lee Wilson placed at the Absolute Bakery are selling well. Silvia will print some more labels and place the rest of the 12 packs there.
b. Update on donor’s sculpture and rock: Marilyn Kroeker has moved on to other projects and can no longer participate as the artist for the copper sculpture. It was agreed that we need to focus on getting a large sandstone rock with a flat face in place first, then have an artist design a sculpture to fit the rock. Silvia will ask Rock Springs Church members about the sandstone rock they have by their entrance and also look at the rocks on Laurie Webster’s property.
c. City Market Cares program-Dana will add a link to the Friend’s website because now it is necessary to sign up online to designate the library as receiving the proceeds from the use of City Market cards.
d. We agreed to coordinate with Shaine Gans on a 5th birthday celebration for the library on Thursday, July 24. This is the Thursday before Mancos Days’ weekend and will be conjunction with the start of the book sale.

IX. Old Business
a. Update on The Jersey Jim Foundation on line auctions: Dana
i. Donation of two nights: August 15 & 16.
ii. Dana to run online auction from May 15-June 14th at 12 noon.
iii. Publicity ideas include: Facebook page, display board in the library, newspaper and radio PSAs. Silvia and Dana will work on this.
b. Update on Bob Huffman’s donation of his collection of 200+ cookbooks to the library. Linda Bellush, who is in charge of book donations, will start adding them to the sale shelf.

X. New Business
a. A motion was made and seconded to provide the library with $98 to cover the cost of postage for a mid-year appeal for funds that was sent out during National Library Week. It was noted that the library has received about $2000 to date from this mailing. The motion was approved.

XI. Next Meeting Date: June 2, 2014

XII. Adjourn

Librarian’s Report

• Shaine sent a mid-year appeal during National Library Week, total receipts so far are approximately $2,000. – Requesting $98 from Friends to cover cost of postage.
• Solar flag light has still been an issue – the parking lot light casts too much ambient light on the sensor which is causing it too not turn on. Have spoke with the town to see if a shroud can be installed on parking lot light, they will look into it.
• People counter has been ordered, installed & is working well.
• Ben Wolcott has withdrawn his antique firearms proposal due to an inability to come to agreement with the library on the terms of the contract.
• Final draft of strategic plan is completed, staff is now working on implementation.
• Large tree on North end of building was dead and had to be removed – tree service said it was very dry & we were lucky it hadn’t fallen with the winds we’ve had.
• Community service volunteers have completed large chunk of landscaping clean-up around the building, Kenny Smith has been promised to come & spray spring weeds (particularly South end). Work on North end of building / outdoor classroom will continue through May.
• Town is talking with Trout Unlimited about improving river corridor, which could include work around the bridge and improved river access from the library.
• Beehive & bee colony has been installed on North end with a temporary enclosure from Rocky Mountain Fence & Barn – they will be completing the permanent enclosure w/ roof in May.
• Doug Doty will not longer be able to act as the library’s bookkeeper, currently looking for a replacement with non-profit or governmental accounting experience. Approximately 3 hrs / month @ $32 / hr.
• City Market Cares program has changed and is now completely online. Those that shop at City Market are encouraged to sign up at:
Shaine is working on promotions effort to advertise the new program.
• Deadline to run for the library team in the Cowboy Half-Marathon is May 10th – please encourage any runners you know to tell race director Ben Hahn that they are running for the library!
• Potential for Louis L’Amour Festival with the Town & Chamber in 2015 – looking for an organization to take the lead.
• Library will be closed May 20 for annual spring cleaning & June 17 for a staff retreat.

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