Minutes – May 7, 2018

(as submitted)

Members present: Amy Welden, Anne Benson, Joan Brindamour, Koko Smith, Tulli Kerstetter

1. Call to order at 7:08 p.m.

2. Minutes from previous meeting approved as sent via email.

3. Proxy votes —  On April 16, email approval was given for purchase of a liquor license for the Half Marathon ($100).

4. Correspondence – none

5. Financial report – tabled until Laurie can be with us next month.

6.  Librarian’s report – Since Lee was absent, Anne read the librarian’s report (see report for details).  Lee requests the vendor fee of $100 for a library booth at Mancos Days, which was approved.  Lee also requested renewal of the library’s Book Page subscription of $162, which was also approved.  His last request for funds for bringing Navajo poets to the library ($400) was tabled until next month when more board members could be present to discuss this issue. View the May report here.

7. Old business

Cinco de Mayo book sale – results  and thoughts for future book sales.  Approximately $746.35 of books, DVDs/CDs/videos were sold.  Every fifth book free was appreciated, and by the end of the sale larger discounts were given out to get rid of the excess (5 hardbacks for $1, 10 paperbacks for $1).  Suggestions were made based on customer feedback that a printed schedule of all Friends bake/book sales for the whole year be available at each sale.

Joan brought up a summer book sale to be ongoing in the library to get rid of excess books.  She suggested all books for sale in the library be set at 50 cents or 3 for $1.  We have way too many books and they are not selling as quickly as in the past.  Tulli and Amy will put together a poster for a May-June Book Sale.

Donor bench plaque update.  Koko talked with Silvia on this issue and reported that Brad still cannot get to the plaque.

Englehart cards – ABC needs more packets and may have sold a couple, but Koko was not able to ascertain how many were sold.  She will report back next month.

8. New business

Jersey Jim auction July 7 – tabled due to Dana’s absence.

Cowboy Half Marathon –  how things are shaping up and our role in providing food.  No further updates from last month’s meeting other than a statement by Joan about the need for more watermelon, and that juicy fruits were more appreciated than salty items.

Mancos Days book sale, Thurs. July 26th ice cream social for MFOL and Fri and Sat 27 and 28th.  Needs to be addressed right now.  There were suggestions that advertising needs to be done early and signup sheets for volunteers to set up and man the sale need to be out earlier than they were for the Cinco de Mayo sale.  Otherwise, see minutes for April.

On another note, Joan had a problem with fumes from the snowblower when she was working on organizing donated books in the Zircon.  She has alerted Lee about it.  The solution may be to get a small storage shed for the blower and gasoline containers.  Koko will put this item on the agenda for June.

9. Adjourn at 8:13 pm.  Next meeting June 4, 2018.

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