Minutes – November 14, 2016

In Attendance:  Koko (Carolyn) Smith, Silvia Fleitz, Amy Welden, Dana Petersen,  Anne Benson, Tulli Kerstetter.

I. Call to Order at 7:08 PM.

II. Minutes of the previous meeting of October 3 were summarized by Koko and approved.

III.  Proxy votes:  None.

IV. Election results‪. What happens next‪. Joint celebration with Christmas party plans‪.

The vote to increase the mill levy to support the library (Vote Yes) won approval by 65.7%.  A separate party to celebrate was considered but thought best to be joined with a Christmas celebration to be held on Friday, December 2nd, starting at 5:30.  Lee will coordinate the event with staff and approach Friends for a donation.

V. Correspondence: None.

VI. Financial report: Laurie was away and will present the report for this month together with next month’s report at the December meeting.

VII.  Librarian’s report:  Due to a sudden family illness, Lee did not present a report.

VIII.  Old Business:

  1. Landscaping new volunteer day.    LDS church kids did some work for the library both inside and out.
  2. Engelhart cards. Koko stated there had apparently been the sale of one set at the Bakery but since the cafe was closed, she was not able to retrieve the funds.  Dana added that two book bags had been sold for $6, plus some books.
  3. Donation box: Laurie will check the box when she returns to Mancos.
  4. Donor bench (actually donor table): Tulli brought in more possibilities for tables found online.  All were priced, with shipping,  from $630 to almost $900.   The consensus of the Friends was that the heavier gauge ADA table from Amazon was first choice — and the least expensive.  The recommendation will be given to Lee for his input.  Lee will then request purchase funds from the Friends.

IX. New Business

Holiday book sale?  Maybe 10th?  Maybe 17th combined with Craft Day?  Dana reported to Friends that there is to be a Library holiday craft day on Dec. 17 in the Community room from 10-3, along with pie-making at the Community Center.  She also reported that the Lions Club was not having a Christmas bazaar.  After discussion, Friends agreed to do a limited book sale on the 17th in coordination with the craft day activities.  Further discussion and logistics will take place at the December 5th meeting

X. Adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

Next meeting:  Dec 5th