Minutes – November 4, 2019

(as submitted)

Members present: Anne, Lee, Koko, Amy, Tulli, Laurie, Joan, Silvia

1. Call to order at 7:05 p.m.

2. Minutes from September meeting approved as emailed.

3. Guest requests
Brad Goodell – Brought in the new donor plaque, which will not be attached to the donor table as was the prior plaque due to vandalism. Brad said to use stainless steel screws to prevent staining. Friends can finally remove this item from the agenda!

4. Proxy/e-mail votes — none

5. Correspondence
Popup legs – Julia. Replacement legs have been received but not yet attached.

A thank you note from library staff was passed around, thanking Friends for the 10th anniversary library celebration.

6. Financials— (Two months on this report as no meeting was held in October). Reimbursements (food, decorations, banner and poster) for the 10th anniversary celebration were the main expenditures, along with $2395 for the new shed. Income ($197.54) came from book sales, donations, and the donation box. Total balance is $7433.28. The report was approved.

7. Librarian’s Report — There are several upcoming programs for November and December (see report for details). Dates for Wreath-making and Holiday Maker Fair in December have not yet been set. The new storage shed is now in use, housing all gasoline-powered equipment removed from the Zircon.
Lee had two requests for Friends’ support: (1) Great Decisions course for 2020 ($332.40) now that the League of Women Voters is no longer a sponsor. The request was approved. (2) Annual Appeal funding, which will be around $1700. Laurie will create a list of Friends’ support for the library which will appear in our message included in the appeal. The request for funding not to exceed $2000 was approved.
Lee announced that the Dolores Library is having a book sale on December 6 and 7.

8. Old business

Library building. 10-year anniversary Review — fabulous!!

Aprons. Tulli displayed an apron she made and stated the cost for a dozen of the
same type, but reiterated that maybe aprons weren’t such a good idea (not many men
use them). She suggested baseball caps instead, which are cheaper, unisexual, and
require no sizing. Tulli will investigate hat prices via Brad Goodell’s business and report
back at the next meeting.

Trifold printing – Pioneer Printing 100 = $84. Motion to approve spending this
amount for the printing passed. Concerns were raised that the copies would simply
be thrown away, as they cost 84 cents each and could become a financial burden. Lee
offered the library’s printer to print out copies on an as-needed basis.

Storage shed for snowblower and gasoline. Done!! (See above under Librarian’s

Replacement donor plaque cost & installation location. Done!! (See above under
Guest Requests).

9. New business

Signs for Friends corner and sale book shelf. Anne feels there is a need for something newer. Amy and Anne will investigate and present some ideas at the next meeting. Lee reported that sometimes quilts take up the whole wall above the book shelf, so any signage needs to take that into account.

Holiday book sale (Maker Fair?) — It is currently unknown as to whether there will be a fair due to Dana’s relocation. Joan announced also that she probably will not be available to set up a holiday book sale either. She stated as well that there were a lot of kids books donated that were of inferior quality and should either be sent to Better World Books or given away. Laurie stated that earnings from prior holiday book sales were as follows: $166 in 2016; $265 in 2017; and $298 in 2018. Lee will let Friends know if a Holiday Maker will materialize, and Friends can then decide at the next meeting on whether to set up a book sale at the same time.

10. Adjourn at 7:55.

Next meeting: December 2, 2019


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